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Promotion of the week (start 2016/01/08)

ARKHA SVA – Satanas, Exaudi Orationem 11 Eur
Live LP recorded in Tokyo in 2008. Limited edition of 289 copies.
SEO was started being planned initially as an official release in MMIX A.B., in order to restore the gathered lifeforce partially. depending on various twisted reasons, however, SEO was pressed eventually as a private release by DAP in MMXI A.B. Then early this year, DAP was informed by several owners that some copies had sound problem, probably because of the pressing plant. In order to sort this problem out, SEO decided two things: To have SEO re-pressed by another plant and to do it as an official release.

Hear the collected voices from the under. With the unique approach of ARKHA SVA, this recording is more than just studio tracks played live.

ISVIND – DAUMYRA LP Black version: 13.50 Eur Others verions 16 Eur
New album from the Norwegian duo, this version has the complete tracks with the extra guitars that wasn’t included in the cd version, expect raw traditional Norwegian BM at its best. 3 color versions, black, white/black(a side b side) and blue limited to 150 copies each including a 12 page silverprint booklet.

ISVIND – 1993-1994 Demos LP 13.50 Eur Other verions 16 Eur
Including the 2 infamous and rare demos from Isvind , Nivelheimen and Herskerinnen harsh and primal black metal for the first time officially released with the best audio sources.
LP comes in 3 colors, Black, Grey and Transparent limited to 150 copies each

CD comes with extra 3 bonus trax from the band before Isvind – Ice Wind dating from 1992 and is limited to 1000 copies. Leatherbook version in black limited to 100
Prices: CD 12 euros

NOCTERNITY – ONYX LP 13.50 Eur Other verions 16 Eur
11 years after, Onyx available again in LP and CD.
LP comes in 3 colors, Black, Silver and White/Grey ( a side b side) including a 12 page silverprint booklet and poster

KRIEGSMASCHINE – Enemy of Man Digipack CD 10 Eur
New album as Digipack CD with booklet

KRIEGSMASCHINE – Prism: Archive 2002-2004 CD 10 Eur
Compilation CD documenting studio activity of KSM in its early phase: “Flagrum” and “Devotee” demos, split 7” with Szron, Promo 2004 and two previously unreleased pre-production tracks from “Altered states of divinity” album, originally intended as new promo, yet never released and never distributed.

KRIEGSMASCHINE – A thousand voices mCD 7.50 Eur
Re-issue under special paper.

MARE – Spheres Like Death/Throne Of The Thirteenth Witch CD 11 Eur
A re release of the long sold out and sought after Spheres Like Death EP, including the TotTW 7″EP fully remastered. Everything with brand new altered layout.

Two long tracks of great ambient laced black metal from this Swiss act
Songs differ slightly from the tape version.

SVARTIDAUÐI – Flesh Cathedral CD – 10 Eur / DigiCD 11 Eur

All great things must first wear terrifying and monstrous masks in order to inscribe themselves on the hearts of humanity.

Recorded at Manus Nigra Studios in the early winter of 2011, Flesh Cathedral is an epic journey through labyrinthine nightmares and hallucinogenic initiation. Chronicling years of meditative abuse of body and mind, bearing the fruit of turmoil and transcendental decadence. As the debut full length of SVARTIDAUÐI, the Flesh Cathedral stands as a monument of transfigurations and apocalyptic lust.

Cross the borders of nightmares…

…venture into the sphere of whorrors…

…enter the Flesh Cathedral.

VEMOD – Venter På Stormene DigiCD 10 Eur

Dark Ethereal Metal from Nidaros. Atmospheric and extravagant, yet stripped and raw.

One of the definitive highlights of 2012!

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