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All orders get a free ABESSE 2/084 – Monotown View

Orders up to 60 Eur (without postage) get a free T -Shirt (Kargvint or Black Howling)

Orders up 75 Eur (without postage) get a free T -Shirt (Kargvint or Black Howling) + INFUNERAL – A Scent of Death mCD

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All tracks were exclusively recorded for this split LP.

AETERNUS – Dark Sorcery LP (Black and Gold LP limited to 200 units) 17 Eur
Finally available on vinyl the first release from Aeternus from back in 1995, simply unique… B sides includes the Walk my Path 1994 demo.
Inc. Poster + insert

AIGRO MUCIFELAM – Lost sounds depraved LP 10 Eur

ALTAR OF PLAGUES – “Sol” LP (black vinyl – lim. 200) 13.50 Eur

ARCTURUS – Aspera Hiems Symfonia LP (Black) 19 Eur

ARCTURUS – Contellation LP (Black) 19 Eur

ARKHA SVA (Japan) / SACRIFICIA MORTUORUM (France) / LUGUBRUM (Belgium) 11.50 Eur
N.O.I.R. split LP – Nécromancie Outrancière & Irresponsabilité Religieuse
ARKHA SVA transcendental fury,
SACRIFICIA MORTUORUM raw epic greatness,
LUGUBRUM fucked-up psychotic Boersk Blek Metle on one 12″ LP.
Exclusive tracks from all three bands.
Strictly celebrated through five hundred rituals.
Vinyl-only release. Artwork by Naudkraft.
All copies come with three double-sided postcards (lyrics, liner notes, pictures).

ARKHA SVA – Satanas, Exaudi Orationem 12 Eur

Live LP recorded in Tokyo in 2008. Limited edition of 289 copies.
SEO was started being planned initially as an official release in MMIX A.B., in order to restore the gathered lifeforce partially. Depending on various twisted reasons, however, SEO was pressed eventually as a private release by DAP in MMXI A.B. Then early this year, DAP was informed by several owners that some copies had sound problem, probably because of the pressing plant. In order to sort this problem out, SEO decided two things: To have SEO re-pressed by another plant and to do it as an official release.
Hear the collected voices from the under. With the unique approach of ARKHA SVA, this recording is more than just studio tracks played live.

ARMAGEDDA – I Am 12″mLP+booklet Red version and white version 12 Eur

Very classy 12 ” vinyl edition of the previously released MCD from the now defunct Swedish Black Metal entity. Cutted on 45rpm for maximum volume – in total fucking darkness. Featured here is a lost recording from somewhere back in 2001 – 2002. 4 never before published songs except for “I Am” which was performed live during the “Marching Towards Christian Extermination” tour back in 2002.

All-new & lots of exclusive artwork and pictures, coloured vinyl (red) in a innersleeve made of black paper, thick reverse board printed jacket.
LP sized booklet printed on thick uncoated paper

A.ART – …I Berem Plodovete Na Nasheto Nehajstvo L P 12 Eur
Lim. 350 copies only

AUSTERE – Only the wind remember mLP 11 Eur
Australian desolate black metal band.
This great stuff comes on 12 inch MLP with Gatefoldcover and black innersleeve. Limited to 500 copies.


BEATRIK– Requiem of December LP 11.50 Eur

BLOOD RED FOG / FUNERARY BELL – Split 10″ (Normal) 9.80 Eur
10″ mini LP with printed innersleevestypical excellent Finnish black metal from both bands.Lim. 300

BLUTSCHREI – Voice Of The Forbidden Pride LP 11 Eur
Fantastic finnish black metal with members of horna,hammer,sargeist,sombre chemin and more.
Comes on 350 gram covers with UV laquer and printed innersleeves.
Limited to 500 copies

BÖLZER – Aura mLP (Gold Vinyl) 13 Eur
Reverside Board Jacket With Gold & Silver Print And
Inner Pocket Flooded In Gold and Insert With Gold & Silver Print

BORGNE – “III” LP vinyl white wax limited to 200 copies 12 Eur


Second CoO full-length available on vinyl. A unique mix of lo-fi (Black) metal and post-punk. Gloomier and more coherent wholeness than its predecessor. Not only the presentation (completely new lay-out & 20 page A4 booklet with lyrics and paintings), but also the format adds a lot to the whole, highlighting the bilateral differences of the vinyls sides and their overall unity.

CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS / DROWNING THE LIGHT – “Moonflares” Split LP Black vinyl 12 Eur

Brilliant split LP of this Finnish and Australian bands. Comes with noble artwork. 5mm spine, bothsided printed insert and printed innersleeves. Limited to 500 copies and the first 100 on yellow/red vinyl

CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS – “Unituli” LP Vinyl 13 Eur

CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS – Armon Keitaalla dLP 18 Eur
A good hour of new Circle of Ouroborus material, sound-wise rawer and more metal than the recent full-lengths.

A double 12″ version of the sold-out tape box

CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS – The Lost Entrance of the Just LP 16.50 Eur

The Lost Entrance Of The Just follows the 2011 modern classic Eleven Fingers, and finds the band continuing their exploration of textures that are at once muffled and cathartic. Layers of sound conditioned in a womb-like reinvention of texture that is truly unlike anything else currently available from any other artists, anywhere. This one is sure to sell out as fast as the Eleven Fingers LP.

Limited to 500 copies, 180 gram, Booklet designed by Rauta, and mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin.

CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS – Abrahadabra LP 16 Eur
New full length from this Finnish duo. This album was recorded around the same time as the Eleven Fingers album.
Very good

CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS – MatterEther 12″ MLP 13 Eur
Lo-fi metal melancholy. A vinyl reissue of the limited (and immediately sold out).

“The last chapter in the trilogy of ´underwater´ albums from CoO, ´The Final Egg´ completes what ´Eleven Fingers´ and ´Abrahadabra´ started.”

CULT OF FIRE (CZ) – मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान Gatefold LP (Black) 15 Eur

– 350g Gatefold Jacket With Gloss Lamination & Inside Flooded In Black
– 12 Page Booklet On 350g Paper With Gloss Lamination Glued Into
The Gatefold Jacket
– A2 Poster On 150g Art Paper Gloss
– 100 Copies On Red Splatter Vinyl, 100 Copies On Blue Splatter Vinyl
Remaining Copies On Black Vinyl
– Artwork By David Glomba

CULT OF FIRE (CZ) – Triumvirát Gatefold LP Balck + Poster 14 Eur

– 350g Gatefold Jacket With Matt Lamination
– 140g Black Vinyl
– A2 Poster On 150g Art Paper Matt
– Limited To 500 Copies
– Re-Press Of The Sold Out Debut Album


DØDSENGEL – Dødsengel MLP 13 Eur

Recorded by Dødsengel in 2007, a few months after recording their debut album ‘Visionary’, this mini-album was originally meant to be released by Fullmoon Productions, but they disappeared without warning. So Terratur Possessions in conspiracy with Ván Records decided to release this piece of malignant black art on CD, and to collaborate with Barghest for the vinyl version. Crushing, intense, ritualistic Black Metal. MLP version features gatefold sleeve with lyrics, enhanced design and silver ink and matte/gloss print effects!

DØDSENGEL – Mirium Occultum Gatefold Double 12″ LP 22 Eur

Occult Black Metal from Norway expressing the ideal of anticreation!
The Path Dødsengel is the vessel to cross and combine the wraths and harmonies of the Qliphoth.
To bask in the alternate light of the Hidden Sun, and to stretch our twelve blazing wings towards the formless Void.
The New Form To evolve into the new form, as the Cainite Angel of Murder, the Vamachara Initiate must carve his primoridal clay anew. Dødsengelen inkarnert.
The Final Liberation The unholy apparition cuts out of the Cycle of the flesh and is born anew as the perfect negation of earthly life.
As omnipotent conciousness in the untrodden Æther, the being has left the emanations of Shamhamforash forever. A new excistence.

DROWNING THE LIGHT – A Pact With Madness LP 13 Eur
Comes on gatefold vinyl and limited to 1000 copies only.this one will be released only on vinyl !!

DROWNING THE LIGHT – The Weeping Moon MLP 10 Eur
Comes on nice 10″ format.Limited to 666 copies. (First 150 in clear vinyl – sold out)

DROWNING THE LIGHT – The Fading Rays Of The Sun MLP 9.90 Eur
Brandnew mini album from this australian cult black metal band

DROWNING THE LIGHT / CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS – “Moonflares” Split LP Black vinyl 11 Eur
Brilliant split LP of this Finnish and Australian bands. Comes with noble artwork. 5mm spine, bothsided printed insert and printed innersleeves. Limited to 500 copies and the first 100 on yellow/red vinyl



FEN (UK) – The Malediction Fields DLP copper (with bonustracks) 19.90 Eur

UK Atmospheric Black Metallers FEN 2009 debut album “The Malediction Fields” as a limited edition vinyl pressing. The album, which was first released on CD by Code666, has been re-mastered by frontman The Watcher, and features two exclusive bonus tracks as well as new artwork and layout by bassist Grungyn. “The Malediction Fields” will appear as a gatefold double LP, strictly limited to 500 copies, of which 200 will be on classic black vinyl and 300 on copper-coloured vinyl.

In detail:
– solid gatefold sleeve printed on the reverse board
– new design and layout by bassist Grungyn
– 2 exclusive bonustracks
– 2 x 12″ inserts on heavy uncoated cartone
– 2 x 180g vinyl inside black innersleeves with protective layer
– Limited to 500 copies, of which 200 will be on classic black and 300 on copper coloured vinyl.

FOLKVANG / PAGAN HELLFIRE -Firmament Eclipse LP 10 Eur
Lim. 300 copies only in 350 gram covers and reverse print
An alignment of Slavic and Vinlandic Black Metal forces.
Four hymns from each side honouring the eternal wind, the isolated night, and the glorious past.

FORTERESSE – Les Hivers De Notre Époque LP 13 Eur

With the 2nd album Forteresse ventured into more epic territories, based around Québec’s glorious winters, seen through a historical perspective. Icy cold sound and guitar leads, a gripping Black Metal piece of art.

180g black vinyl, outer-jacket with silverprint
Heavy cardboard inner bag and A2 poster

FROSTKRIEG – Majestätik eines kalten elements LP 12 Eur


GESTAPO 666 – Nostalgiah LP 12.50 Eur
Finally on vinyl. Lim. TO 300 copies only !!!


HERESIARCH (NZ) – Hammer Of Intransigence Gatefold MLP + Poster 13.00 Euros

– 350gsm Gatefold Jacket
– 250gsm Cardboard Insert
– A2 Poster On 150gsm Art Paper
– New Layout By L. Moir
– New Audio Master By VK
– Limited To 500 Copies

HETROERTZEN / DØDSENGEL – Capax Infiniti Split 12″ LP 18,00 Euros

Majestic essence of Ancient vibrations.

Two of the foremost and exciting groups conjoined in one Sacred Work. Deluxe full-length 12″ LP with insert
Includes: 180 grs heavy black vinyl, 350 grs. card outer sleeve,
and printed card inner sleeves including lyrics.


ILDJARN – Seven Harmonies of Unknown Truths LP ( black version and marble vinyl) 14.70 Eur


Part two of the series of early days re-issues.
Package details:
– Solid reverse board printed gatefold sleeve
– New stunning illustrations courtesy of Tern
– Black paper innersleeve with poly protection
– A2 poster, featuring an old and unpublished drawing.
– Marble viny and Black vinyl edition, limited to 200 copies

IN THE WOODS – Isle of Men LP (Limited to 200 copies Black and Clear vinyl) 18 Eur (black) and 20 Eur clear

One of the most influential demos back from 1993 pressed with original artwork and this time having a bonus track from the very rare rehearsal 1993.

Inc. Poster + insert

INANNA UNVEILED – Same Picture LP 10 Eur
German black metal from 1998 on nice picture LP

INFERNO / TUNDRA Split LP 10.50 Eur
Vinyl of this killer split LP of this both underground black metal acts. Comes in 350 gr. cover and gloss lamination.

INFINITY– The Arcane Wisdom Of Shadows 11.50 Eur
Lim. to 666 copies in noble gatefold sleeve with gold print and UV varnish. album of this dutch cult black metal band.
More then 50 minutes of furious,cold,melancholic and occult black metal.11 songs,including the cover


New album from the Norwegian duo, this version has the complete tracks with the extra guitars that wasn’t included in the cd version, expect raw traditional Norwegian BM at its best. 3 color versions, black, white/black(a side b side) and blue limited to 150 copies each including a 12 page silverprint booklet.

ISVIND – 1993-1994 Demos LP 17.50 Eur

Including the 2 infamous and rare demos from Isvind , Nivelheimen and Herskerinnen harsh and primal black metal for the first time officially released with the best audio sources.

LP comes in 3 colors, Black, Grey and Transparent limited to 150 copies each

Cd comes with extra 3 bonus trax from the band before Isvind – Ice Wind dating from 1992 and is limited to 1000 copies. Leatherbook version in black limited to 100
Prices: CD 13 euros Leatherbook A5 22 euros


KARGVINT – “Seelenwerk’s Fortgang” LP 11 Eur
400 copy’s in black vinyl

KARGVINT – “Seelenwerk’s Fortgang” LP Red Vinyl 17.50 Eur
100 handnr. copy’s in red vinyl incl. Logopatch and A2 Poster

KILTE – Absence 12’’ MLP 10 Eur
Limited to 333 handnr. copy’s, printed innersleeves and 180g vinyl

KLAGE – “Die Weihe des Eises – Eine Großweise“ LP 11 Eur
(lim. 500, 180g vinyl, printed and thicker innersleeves)
Finally the new Opus of Klage availabel! I don’t must write many words about the intensive music of Klage…only pure Emotions…

KORGONTHURUS – Marras (Grey splatter vinyl.Lim.100) 16.50 Eur
Die hard version in grey splatter vinyl.Lim. 100

KORGONTHURUS – Marras (Normal) vinyl edition 12 Eur
Out now on noble gatefold vinyl the debut album of finnish black metal band Korgonthurus.Await two long tracks full of hate and despair.Noble gatefold sleeve. Lim. To 350

KYTHRONE (CHI) Kult des todes LP
Gatefold LP, Black Vinyl limited to 666 hand numered copies.


LYRINX – “Ending The Circle Of Life” 12’’ MLP 10 Eur


The 2nd album of this state of the art suicidal true black metal band

MALKUTH (USA) Sefirah gevurah LP 10.50 Eur

MARE – “Spheres Like Death / Throne Of The Thirteenth Witch” 12″ LP 18 Eur

Red vinyl edition

A remaster of the two EP’s Spheres Like Death and Throne of the Thirteenth Witch on a single CD/LP release.
“Spheres Like Death” was recorded winter 09/10 e.v at Brekstad, except “Offerlam” recorded autumn 06 e.v in Red Cave.
Mixed and mastered by Kristoffer Vansvik.
Witch chant on “Nidrosian Moon Sabbat” by Malefica.
“Throne od the Thirteenth Witch” was recorded under the December fullmoon 06 e.v.
Remixed and remastered by Kristoffer Vansvik.”

MATRICIDE – Holy Virgin LP 13 Eur
This masterpiece of Swedish orthodox black metal on vinyl + bonustrack in noble gatefold sleeve and extra insert.

MENEGROTH – s/t LP 10.50 Eur

MONARQUE – Fier Heretique LP 13 Eur
After an underground acclaimed demo, Monarque is back with his gloomy black metal. Fier heretique is a dark and doomed short lenght album summonning the freezing winds of the north. This time, this masterpiece of blasphemy features real thundering drums. Mysterious and visceral is the kind of black metal you’ll get.Includes 2 Bonustracks.Gatefold sleeve and A3 Poster.Lim. to 500 copies

MONARQUE – Fier Heretique LP red splatter vinyl 16 Eur
Red Splatter Vinyl.Lim. 100 copies only !!!

MONARQUE – “Ad Nausean” Vinyl picture LP + covers limited to 250 copies 13.50 Eur


NEGURA BUNGET – ‘N crugu bradului Double LP 16.50 Eur
Black vinyl
Negura Bunget’s classic album finally released on vinyl format.
Transcendental Carpathian black metal.


11 years after, Onyx available again in LP and CD.

LP comes in 3 colors, Black, Silver and White/Grey ( a side b side) including a 12 page silverprint booklet and poster


OLD FUNERAL – “Our condolences” Limited edition double Picture LP set 22 Euros

This exclusive and limited (500 only!) edition comes housed in a gatefold cover and fully printed double sided inserts as with the previous (sold out) black and white vinyl editions. Additional images are placed on the picture discs themselves!


PAGAN HELLFIRE – Solidarity LP 11 Eur
Lim. to 250 copies only !!Epic Black Metal with powerful melodies and spirit, highly recommended!

PARIA – Vermin Race LP 13 Eur
LP version of the debut album of this German black metal band.
Limited to 500 handnumbered copies in gatefold sleeve with printed innersleeves


RUNENBLUT – No Solution for Your Life… Just Suicide 10.50 Eur
12″ LP with 1 bonus track limited to 500 copies and comes with a new A3-poster


SAMAEL – Worship Him PIC-DISC 12” DIE HARD 22 Eur

For the very first time in history we present the legendary debut of Samael in Picture Disc 12” format. One of the most evil and influential albums in the whole history of black metal is out now under the banner of Black Vomit, celebrating the passing of 22 years after its original release.

This special release comes on 12” Picture Disc with thick (300 gsm paper) printed jackets.

The DIE HARD edition come with a 24 pages bonus fanzine,with lots of interviews from ’90-’92 era and is limited to 100 copies.

SOMBRE CHEMIN – “Notre Héritage Ancestral” BROWN vinyl. 11.50 Eur
Gatefold LP limited to 514 hand numbered copies
Great heathen black metal art
Vinyl version of their second album + 1 unreleased bonus track.
Full coloured gatefold with new artwork and French lyrics with their English translation.

SPITE EXTREME WING – Vltra Double LP 16.50 Eur
Finally on double vinyl with 2 bonustracks.Lim. 500
«The spite extreme wing of the modern age. Black Metal is to us the violent and revolutionary reference to the world of tradition. A pure European expressive form. Differently from folk traditional or pre-modern instruments aren’t used, with Black Metal the modern civilization is disembodied using its dirty means. Here is the originality of the suggestion, its the avant-gardism of the idea: the Archeofuturism. Archeofuturism doesn’t mean not to accept the positivism or the straight-line vision of history, it means to go ahead restarting from strong basis: from the ancient and the traditional knowledge».
«…Our image will be always linked to the nightly darkness, but this doesn’t make us opposite to the sun, night is around us because it’s a dark age, we aren’t expression of the kali-yuga, but revolt from kali-yuga». Argento – Spite Extreme Wing


TEITANBLOOD – Death DLP 17.80 Eur

The second Teitanblood album corrects the misconception about Death Metal being music, mortui vivos docent.

TEITANBLOOD – Purging Tongues mLP 13 Eur

“Purging Tongues” is the revelation of blood-stained truth from behind the wall of life. Death Metal told in blind voices, guided by mute vision from the bottomless pit

TODESSTOß – Stelldichein LP 14.50 Eur
Exclusive vinyl version in noble artwork. Gatefold sleeve with extra insert,A2 poster and grey splatter vinyl.
Limited to only 300 copies !!!

TOIL (USA) Obscure chasms LP 11.50 Eur
After four demos a full length is now released! Toil has really taken a step forward here as this is the most accomplished work. Very good compositions that cannot be digested in one listen. This is an album that takes time to reveal itself. First rate USBM. Limited to 500 copies.

TYPHUS – “Profound Blasphemeous Proclamation” 13 Eur
White vinyl with A3 poster (100 copies had numbered). The war has begun. Splitrelease with Eternity Records.Blasphemous, cold, grim, necro, raw, christ crushing black metal from USA!


VERHERN – Verhern LP (thick 30x30cm Inlay, lim. 300) 11 Eur

VORDR – V (Black) mLP 9.90 Eur
Brandnew mini lp of this cult finnish black metal band.Lim. to 300 pieces

VORDR -V (white/black splatter vinyl.Lim. 100) mLP 13 Eur
Die hard version in white/black splatter vinyl. Lim.to 100


WEHMUT – Wehmut LP (30x30cm 4side Inlay, lim. 200) 12 Eur

WOODS OF INFINITY – Höpplos Vantän – LP (Black) 13 Eur
The cult latest mini cd now available as LP includes 2 bonustracks !!
Comes with printed innersleeves and A2 Poster!Lim. 500

7″ EPs



Obscure and occult black/death metal from Greece following the tradition of the ancients ones. Includes 3 new and previously unreleased songs.
This release is limited to 500 copies and comes with both sides printed inserts inc lyrics & artwork

AMNION – Burn the forest 7″ 5 Eur

ANIMUS – Homo homini deus 7″ 5 Eur

ANIMUS HERELIS – Salvatio regni 7″ 5 Eur

ARKHA SVA / WOODS OF INFINITY – “Old Ugly Trees” 7″EP 6 Eur


BELZEBUTH – “Vlohenarv” 7″ EP limited 150 copies 6 Eur

BETHLEHEM / BENIGHTED IN SODOM – Suizidal / Ovipare Split EP 5 Eur

BILSKIRNIR – Wolfswut (Picture EP) 6 Eur
The long sold out EP now available on nice picture EP.Limited to 500 copies


BLODARV (Den) – “Beyond Life” (Black Metal) 5 Eur


CELESTIAL BLOODSHED – Serpents Kiss 7” EP 6 Eur

While we await the final onslaught of CELESTIAL BLOODSHED – “” (coming to a stereo near you late 2012), we are proud to release the last unreleased track with Steingrim Torson Brissach on vocals!

This recording dates back from 2006 and was originally intended for a split release that never happened, now dug up from the abyss of Hell!

Comes with artwork etched into the B-side and thick, full color fold-over cover!


An EP featuring one track from URFAUST recorded during Der Freiwillige Bettler sessions, and one track from CELESTIAL BLOODSHED recorded in Brygga Studio[SARATH] in 2006. It is a rerecorded demotrack featuring Steingrim Torson Brissach on vocals.



DANGEROUS FORCE / SOLITUDE – Skullcrushing svagery/Thrash fire 5 Eur

Dedicated to Thrashers Worldwide! Dangerous Force with: Tankred (Ex-Witchburner) and Seegel (Witchburner)
DEFUNTOS – Um sofrimento distante 7″EP
Two songs from DEFUNTOS, inspired in Suffering, Death and Suicide. The sound remains always the same, their mark upon the future… Slow funeral drums, anguish vocals that sings in solitude, and melodies about the cursed past (obliged, oblivious and never forgotten), can be found in “Sofrimento Distante” as a monument of sadness. Comes with a pro-printed insert with lyrics. Limited to 500 handnumbered copies!

DODSFERD – Another Two of Your Scars And The World Is Dead 5.50 Eur
Brandnew killer gatefold ep of this cult black metal band from greece.Lim.500

Split 7″ EP Limited to 500 handnumbered copies
One exclusive track from each band

DROWNING THE LIGHT / ETERNUM – Split EP 7 Eur (Last copie)
Epic and melancholic black metal from both Australian cult hordes.
Comes on noble gatefold sleeve.Limited to 1000 copies.

DROWNING THE LIGHT / ETERNUM Split Red EP + patch 15 Eur
Red vinyl with a patch of each band. Lim to 200
Comes on noble gatefold sleeve


EISMALLSOTT – Best before spring 7 Eur 5.50 Eur

ESCHATON – …for the new aeon 5.50 Eur

EXMORTEM (Den) – “Killstorms” 6 Eur


FRONT BEAST / HAR SHATAN – Laws of the cemetary/Pain&Misery Clear


HERESIARCH (NZ) – Waelwulf EP + Poster 6.50 Euros

– 300gsm Cardboard Jacket With 3mm Spine and with Interior Flooded In Black
– Poster On 150gsm Art Paper
– Limited To 1000 Copies



KORGONTHURUS – Tapa Itsesi 7″EP 6 Eur

2 brandnew and exclusive songs from this finnish black metal act.
Comes on fullcoloured cover with bothsided printed insert.
Limited to 400 copies in white vinyl

KYLA – Into The Depths/Blood 6 Eur
Brandnew 7″ of this cult depressive/suicide swedish black metal band.


LYCANTHROPY’S SPELL – “Sagatal” EP 5.50 Eur
(2 long unreleased tracks recorded in 2005. Melancholic raw black metal. In the memory of Sarmak who died of heart failure 11/09/05)
Limited 500 hand numbered


ONE TAIL ONE HEAD – One Tail One Head 7″EP (Do to some problems with the pack in the mail transport the corners are a little scratched.) 6 Eur Sold out

Four demosongs re-recorded in Brygga Studio[SARATH] in 2010, giving the songs the justice they deserve, rather than the low-fi demotapes that are floating around. OTOH presents pure, Nidrosian madness exclusively!

ONE TAIL ONE HEAD – Tandava 7″EP (Do to some problems with the pack in the mail transport the corners are a little scratched.) 6 Eur Sold out

Two demosongs re-arranged and re-recorded in Brygga Studio[SARATH] in 2010, giving the songs the justice they deserve, rather than the low-fi demotapes that are floating around. OTOH presents pure, Nidrosian madness exclusively
EP, comes with printed innersleeve.

OPUS FORGOTTEN (Nor) – “Demon of Destruction” (Black Metal) 6.50 Eur


POSSESSION – “Anneliese” EP 6 Euros

– 280gsm Cardboard Jacket With Gloss Varnish
– 2 Exclusive New Songs
– Limited To 1000 Copies Black vinyl


RAMMER / MANIAK – Steel funeral 6 Eur
Blackened Thrash Metal from Canada & the Philipines
Blood Red vinyl


SADOGOAT (Den) – “Scourging the Son of God” (Old school Black Death Metal) 8 Eur




An EP featuring one track from URFAUST recorded during Der Freiwillige Bettler sessions, and one track from CELESTIAL BLOODSHED recorded in Brygga Studio[SARATH] in 2006. It is a rerecorded demotrack featuring Steingrim Torson Brissach on vocals.



VICTIMIZER (Den) – “Communist Crusher” (Speed Thrash Metal) 9 Eur

VORPHALACK (Gre) – “Daemonium Magister” (Black Metal) 10 Eur


WARAGE / EXCRUCIATE – Guerrieres nordistes Split 7″EP 5 Eur (Last copie)

Killer new song from Dutch Nihilistic Assault Squad, WELTBRAND with suicidal German black metallers SUICIDE SOLUTION


T-Shirts/Long Sleeves… Prices don´t inc postage

Black T-shirt with an altered version of the “Libertus” album cover on front (“Libertus” written on the cross) and big APTORIAN DEMON-logo on the back!

Size – L , XL

Size – L

BLACK HOWLING (T-S + Sticker) 12.50 Eur
Size – S , M , L , XL

CELESTIAL BLOODSHED – “The Serpents Kiss” T-SHIRT 15 Eur

Re-print of this much sought after WHITE T-shirt that was originally printed for the European tour in 2009!

Comes with the Nidrosian sigil printed on the back.

Available in all sizes: S, M, L and XL


Limited to 50 copies with bothsided printed shirt. Fruit of the Loom

Available in all sizes: S, M, L and XL

Size – L

Size – M , L , XL

Size – L , XL

FORTERESSE– Woodcutters T – Shirts 14 Eur

Features a custom design courtesy of Tony Roberts / blackmindseye.org, known from his artistic contributions to other bands like Urfaust, The Howling Wind, Herder, Cathedral, High on Fire, Electric Wizard among many others. In contrary the back features plain and simple the well known “Metal Noir Quebecois” slogan.
Fruit of the Loom heavy cotton shirts.

Size M and L available.

INVERNO ETERNO – Poetas version (white) 12.50 Eur
T – Shirt + A3 poster + …do passado vinyl sitcker (10.3 x 8 cm)
Fruit of the Loom T – Shirts (limitadas a 30).
Size – S , L , XL
Girlie -Size – M

– Menos que Nada
Size – M

T – Shirts + A3 pro colored Poster
Limited to 50 (fruit of the Loom).
Size – S , M , L

KLAGE DER NACHT – Band version 13 Eur
T –Shirts limited to 30 (Fruit of the loom) each and come with A3 pro poster.
Size – S

KLAGE DER NACHT – Snow version 13 Eur
T –Shirts limited to 30 (Fruit of the loom) each and come with A3 pro poster.
Size – S

MARE – Red Frame Offerlam T – Shirt One left best offer

Size L

MONARQUE – Black Metal Quebec Limited to 50 14 Eur
Size L


NORTH 15 Eur
Size – L , XL


CELESTIAL BLOODSHED – “The Serpents Kiss” Patch 4 Eur

First ever official CELESTIAL BLOODSHED patch! High quality embroided patch!

High Quality Woven Patch, 14,5 x 4,5 cm

ILDJARN – Logo (embroidered patch) 3.90 Eur
aprox. 13×4 cm

Patch (12,4 x 5,4) limited to 35.

LYRINX 4.50 Eur
– “Logo” Patch (10x7cm)

WALKNUT 4.50 Eur
– “Symbol” RoundPatch (8,8cm)



ABESSE 2/084 – Monotown View 6 Eur
The long awaited first EP from ABESSE 2/084.

ALCHEMYST (Ger.) – Nekromanteion CD 10.00 Eur

ALRAKIS – Alpha Eri A5 Digipack CD 13.50 Eur

Alpha Eri, the debut release from German artist Alrakis, blends ambient and black metal components constructed within the vastness of space. The atmosphere is an enveloping wall of pitch black, but the starkness of the sound leaves the listener completely uncomforted as there is no ground to anchor upon. No conclusion to the celestial journey exists, like a ray of light cast into perpetuity. Floating….

ANTI – The Insignificance Of Life

AORLHAC – La cité des vents CDSÜHNOPFER 9.50 Eur

Two years after a noteworthy debut album, AORLHAC unleashes the second part of the trilogy. Now armed with a better production, the band clearly releases a more homogeneous and intense album. Epic occitan Black Metal.

ARCTURUS – Constellation CD 13 Eur

The legendary mini cd released by Nocturnal Art in 1994 with the original sound and artwork plus the 1991 “My Angel” EP, 2 trax from 1996 (Morax 1996 Ev. + Radiant Star Befallen), 4 pre-constellation rehearsal trax from 94 and a rare preproduction version of Chaos Path. 16 Page booklet cd and over 65 minutes of rare material

ARKHA SVA – Gloria Satanae CD 11 Eur

Jewelcase edition, 12-page booklet.
First full-length album, out of print for so long, finally re-pressed on CD.

ARKHA SVA – Mikama Isaro Mada CD 11 Eur

Jewelcase edition, 16-page booklet.
First angle of the retrospective albums, compiling the first demo tape REKONQUISTA and the second demo tape HYMNE, devoted to Him and His own Legendary LES LÉGIONS NOIRES.

ARKHA SVA – Odo Kikale Qaa (U-I-V) CD 11 Eur

Jewelcase edition, 12-page booklet.
Third angle of the retrospective albums, compiling the split EP with DROWNING THE LIGHT named IN HIS NAME, the split MLP with CHALICE OF BLOOD, the split MLP with WINTER FUNERAL named MIKALP KHIS BIA OZONGON, the split EP with WOODS OF INFINITY named OLD UGLY TREES and the III-way-split LP named N.O.I.R.
All these releases except the split with Winter Funeral were never published on CD before.

ARKHA SVA – Odo Kikale Qaa (VI-VI-LV) CD 11 Eur

Jewelcase edition, 12-page booklet.
Second angle of the retrospective albums, compiling the VI-way-split CD named A SIXTH SENSE OF DARKNESS, the split EP with HYPOTHERMIA and the split LP with BLACK STENCH.
Unveils cover track of Darkthrone for the first time as well.
Split releases with Black Stench (featuring the exceptional, 17-minute piece “Destroy them all”) & Hypothermia were never published on CD before.

ARYADEVA – Kshatra

Pagan / Black Metal from the Ukraine (Band members call their style “Slavonic/Vedic Black Metal”).
ARYADEVA upholds the banner of Balto-Slavic-Vedic paganism – Indo-European Paganism expressed in Black Metal form. Experimental Pagan/Black Metal featuring Malaysian band members.

AUSTERE – Withering illusions & Desolation

AUSTERE means total despair and contempt through a high-class and well-performed desolate black metal. You will find icy riffs, harsh vocals and deleterious atmosphere all along this one.
Re-released with renewed artwork.

Bleak is the adjective chosen by the two entities to name their collaboration. You could not have thought of a more appropriate term to describe the audial content of this masterpiece.

After a fantastic debut album (re-released by THOSE OPPOSED RECORDS), Australian AUSTERE contributes three excellent tracks to the split cd with an even stronger emphasis on the desperate side of their art.

On the other hand, ISOLATION, after three convincing demotapes, contributes three tracks as well and evolves towards something more pure than ever before. The German band has now gained a complete identity of their own through what could be called intimist blackened doom metal with scarce clear voices, e-bow, and remnants of their previous recordings’ harsh vocals. A very interesting evolution for a band which denies stagnation.

AVSOLUTIZED – Mot Din Svarta Angest CD 11 Eur

Jewelcase edition, 8-page booklet.

Black metal from Japan with Arkha Sva’s vocalist.
This CD contains:
-sold out debut album “Den Svarta Vandans Genealogi”, this time remastered
-sold out demo tape “Towards…you there”
-exclusive new track “Uroborik Rupture”


BENIGHTED IN SODOM – Plateau Σ: The Harrowing
Depressive and cold black metal from America. Join the storm of suffering.

BLODARV – Civitas Diaboli CD 9.50 Eur

Review in The Sinister Flame:
Danish BLODARV have been around well over 10 years and left behind a number of obscure releases, yet only one full-length, Soulcollector (the Thousand Years Tale) 2004, so far. This here, Civitas Diaboli, is a six-track MCD, though it clocks out after 31 minutes, thus qualifying by GORGOTH standards as a full-length.

BLODARV evokes rather traditional feelings with their melodic Black Metal. Here and there, like in the opening title track, they sound promising and showcase ability to really make something interesting with the traditional northern BM sound. The tempo is varied and Hugin’s screaming is occasionally accompanied with female vocals by Satinae Ma. But not all of this material stand as firm and I’m afraid the overall impression creeping in is rather unadventurous.

So there is still plenty of room left for improvement — to put it nicely, for a change.

BÖLZER (CH) – Aura mCD 8.00 Eur

This compilation is dedicated to the true King of Black Metal, Øystein Aarseth
The bands in the compilation are:
20 pag booklet.


The closing of a chapter.

13 years after its formation Celestial Bloodshed is releasing their final opus. This is the final breath of a cursed assembly which have stood their ground and never strained from their path which have taken them deeper and further into the unknown than was ever expected. BLOOD have been shed, the FIRE is still burning and DEATH’s knuckled finger is now pointing towards the tomb.

We have watched the circus from the shadows of the underground, refusing to be part of it. This is our final offering.I hope you choke on your dreams.

Death to false Devotion. Hylla Satan

CAÏNA – Caïna Digipack

CAINAN DAWN – Nibiru Digipack with 16 page booklet. 9.50 Eur

Debut album of highly epic occult black metal from France.
The band is composed of Heruforod (vox, guitars), Sorghal on guitars (from Nehemah), Hjlodr on drums & Keithan on bass.
Nibiru will appeal to all fans of Scandinavian black metal while influences of the old Satyricon shows here and there, yet with a more modern approach.

CHRISTICIDE – Christicide CD 9 Eur

Re-release of CHRISTICIDE debut album on CD.
No remastering, no bonus tracks, no layout improvement, just pure fucking armageddon!

CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS – Tree of Knowledge 10 Eur
bscure occult black metal rock from Finland

CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS / CROOKED NECKS – “Ruin of Ressurection” Digipack CD


CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS – Cast to the Pits 11 Eur

Neofolky soundscapes and nature moods.


A split between these two melancholic entities that is not defined by genre, but by occult mysticism, sorrow, nostalgia and comradery.
Circle of Ouroborus present 3 songs of utter desperation and sorrow, this is truly haunting and nostalgic music from these Finnish souls.
The cult of Drowning the Light tear the flesh and spill the blood with epic and melancholic Black Metal from the shores of Oceania.

CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS – Eleven Fingers CD 11 Eur

In a complete reinvention of what is comfortable, CoO produce a landmark album within their already prolific catalogue that ranges from moments of post-punk atonality, to subtle melody countered by calculated aggression
Comes in a deluxe Stoughton tip-on gatefold package.
(two pockets, 12 panel booklet with silver and gold pantone detail, disc in printed cardboard sleeve, and hand-inked artwork by artist Alexander Brown).

CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS – Islands CD 10.50 Eur

Melancholic and atmospheric low-fi metal!

CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS – The Lost Entrance of the Just CD 11 Eur

“The Lost Entrance Of The Just follows the 2011 modern classic Eleven Fingers, and finds the band continuing their exploration of textures that are at once muffled and cathartic. Layers of sound conditioned in a womb-like reinvention of texture that is truly unlike anything else currently available from any other artists, anywhere.”

CSEJTHE – Réminiscence CD 11 Eur

Second full length of epic medieval black metal from Québec !
Now acting as a 3-piece, the Québec force returns from their vault to deliver its severe 2nd record.
While the debut “La Mort du Prince Noir” (Mankind’s Demise, 2009) and its EP successor “Transcendance” (Morbid Winter, 2010)
could already gather some interrest among the critics and music-fans alike, on “Réminiscence” Csejthe transcend beyond and
install their craft to reach new levels of recognition. It portrays an utterly eerie yet highly dynamic and atmospheric album
with powerful melodies, cast spirits of old and transforms ancient rhymes into something new, a skillfully and aesthetically
presented black metal vision drenched by the fascination of Elizabeth Bathory.

CULT OF FIRE (CZ) – Ascetic Meditation of Death CD 11.00 Eur


DIABOLICAL BREED – Compendium Infernus

DEEP-PRESSION / BLACK HATE –Dwellers in an Infertile World Split CD in DVD

DEMONCY – Joined in Darkness

DEMONIC SLAUGHTER – Dignity of Terror MCD 7 Eur
Fast and aggressive Black Metal with raw but powerful sound and outstanding vocal work! Mercyless slaughter in His name!. Comes with VON cover. Old fashioned layout in the vein of Chris Moyen.

DIABOLICAL BREED – Compendium Infernus

DØDSENGEL – Dødsengel MCD 9 Eur
Recorded by Dødsengel in 2007, a few months after recording their debut album “Visionary”, this mini-album was originally meant to be released by Fullmoon Productions, but they disappeared without warning. So TERRATUR POSSESSIONS in conspiracy with VAN RECORDS decided to release this piece of malignant black art on CD, and to collaborate with BARGHEST for the vinyl version. Crushing, intense, ritualistic Black Metal!

DØDSENGEL – Mirium Occultum DigiCD 14 Eur

Finally available again, Dødsengels most praised and sought after release to date! Completely reworked, 9-panel Digipack CD with additional artwork that weren’t included in the original, terrible looking first press!

DØDSENGEL – Imperator Digibook double CD


-The new album from Dødsengel! 150 epic minutes of ground-breaking black metal art!

Double-CD 24-page digibook

DROWNING THE LIGHT – The Fading Rays Of The Sun mCD 7.50 Eur

DROWNING THE LIGHT – The Fading Rays Of The Sun Digi Pack lim. 300 10 Eur

DROWNING THE LIGHT – A World Long Dead + Vampyric Winter CD

DROWNING THE LIGHT -The Weeping Moon mCD 7 Eur

DROWNING THE LIGHT -The Weeping Moon mCD 6 panel Digipack 9 Eur



EVILFEAST / MARBLEBOG – Isenheimen / Abyss calls… split CD 8 EuR

EXORDIUM – Super Casu Heresis Quondam Combuste Fuerunt mCD 6 Eur
Black Metal from Switzerland, the debut release a full-length album 2008


FOUDRE NOIRE – The Dark Gods
Brilliant Black Metal from Finland/England. With Shatraug from Horna


GLORIA MORTI – Lifestream Corrosion (Inc booklet)
Along with their line-up, the style of music has gone through a remarkable evolution, turning into a crossbreed of numerous musical genres, probably best described as melodic extreme metal, as the band’s material manages to fall between genres, not really belonging to any already existing genre, but we can call it Finnish Incentive Enthrall Black Metal!


HAPPY DAYS – Happiness Stops Here 9 Eur
Depressive Black Metal

Cold but melodic Celtic Black Metal with a dash of folk melodies, taking the best from bands such as Graveland, Cruachan, Windir or Primordial.
Self-released CD with beautiful graphic design.

HETROERTZEN – Exaltation Of Wisdom DeluxeDigiCD 12.50 Eur

After the 2010 vinyl release of HETROERTZEN’s epic album ‘Exaltation of Wisdom’, this opus is now released on Digi-CD!
Remixed and remastered. Includes 24-page booklet with lyrics and art.


ILDJARN – NIDHOGG – Norse / Svartfråd Slipcase Double DigiCD 13.80 Eur

Noble black, rough cartone with silver prints

ILDJARN – Seven Harmonies of Unknown Truths DigiCD 12 Eur


Fantastic and noble packaged CD edition. Part two of the series of early days re-issues. CD comes housed in a stunning digifile, assembled inside a solid slipcase. All executed on special black cartone with silver printings. Also included is a both side printed fold-out poster, featuring an old and unpublished drawing and overall new artwork by Tern.

INFLABITAN – “Wanderer of Grief” 1993-1995 CD 11 Eur
One of the most unknown bands from Askim/Norway brought to light by Vicotnik. Originaly meant to be released in 1996 by Misanthropy Records as split with Lamented Souls and Old Mans Child a very unique recording featuring also “Agressor” (Aura Noir/Ved Buens Ende) on drums. Inflabitan has been a one man band with 2 demos in 1993/94 and has also participated in Strid and DHG (666 International era).
INFLABITAN – Endovern song:

INFUNERAL – A Scent of Death mCD 7 Eur
Pro mCD limited to 500 copies
Band featuring Ondskapt member
Grit your teeth, because this MCD accelerates from 0 to 60 in less than a second. Sweden’s INFUNERAL follow up their recent album, “Torn From The Abyss” (released in January of this year) with “A Scent Of Death”, the MCD I presently have the pleasure of reviewing. The first track, a thrashy WATAIN-like powerhouse titled ‘Beyond The Glowing Stars’ inaugurates INFUNERAL’s 5-track assault. For better or worse (okay, better) Black Metal from all over it seems have abandoned the “Transilvanian Hunger” style for a reunion with the rest of the Metal world. For the second song, ‘Anglamakaren’, the band uses slow, discordant notes at first, then steadily build up to a break neck speed; the vocalist sounds like he’s incanting a spell as much as singing. This track in particular should please fans of fast melodic bands like LORD BELIAL. ‘Cloak Of Death’, third of the five on this release, starts off sometime in the mid-90s, with MAYHEM-derived DARK FUNERAL riffing, but gets better, blooming into a melodiously bleak song. This melancholic tendency elaborates yet further on track 4, ‘Supremacy’. Though it sounds well produced and well played, I find songs like these a little boring, part of the reason in fact why Black Metal seemed in such dire need of a facelift. ‘Supremacy’ is repetitive and an anachronism. Do not mistake my personal distaste for the song as a recommendation not to buy “A Scent Of Death”, however. It’s a fine record. And almost as if to spite my criticism of track 4, ‘Into Silent Slumber’ (track 5), repeats the same style as ‘Supremacy’, but with quicker drumming, and all-around a more brutal delivery. It reminds me of NECROPHOBIC’s 1997 album, “Darkside”. On “A Scent Of Death”, INFUNERAL present a stylistically interesting and honest Black Metal record; RECOMMENDED.
Nat Shapiro in Voices from the Darkside

There are no words to express the feeling that this band passes through its music and lyrics.
One of the best Portuguese bands.

IRRWISCH – Irrwisch 10 Eur
SLIPCASE CD LIMITED TO 100 handnumbered copies

Re-release of Irrwisch’s debut demo on pro-CD format.
This release was too good to be forgotten because of the very low circulation of the previous CDR.
So we decided to unleash it on pro-CD, this time with proper artwork & circulation.
Irrwisch is atmospheric black metal of the highest class.

ISVIND – “Dark Waters Stir” + bonus A5 (Leatherbook) no poster SOLD OUT

One of the best Norwegian underground debuts from the mid 90’s available again with bonus trax the 1994 7″ (on cd) and differant artwork. Killer riffs and atmosphere, full speed raw BM. LP limited in 150 copies in 3 colors, CD pressed in 1000 copies, Leatherbook in 100 copies in 2 colors ( white and black)

ISVIND – 1993-1994 Demos CD / Leatherbook A5 12.50 Eur / 22 Eur

CD comes with extra 3 bonus trax from the band before Isvind – Ice Wind dating from 1992 and is limited to 1000 copies. Leatherbook version in black limited to 100


KARGVINT – Seelenwerks Fortgang 10 Eur
Exceptional German Black Metal, truly haunting Black Metal masterpiece!!!
Just enjoy:

KAWIR – Ophiolatreia DigiPack 10 Eur
Special digipack with 12-page booklet.
Hellenic Pagan Black Metal art.

KLAGE – Die Weihe des Eises – eine Großweise DigiMCD (limited Edition) 1O Eur
Die Weihe des Eises” created by using varying standards from formulaic to experimental. I suppose the fine instrumentation, aside from the drums, by using variation, instead of those typical double bass blasts, corresponds with the lyrics, which apparently consist of abstract and philosophical themes. These ideas mirror the general sound that Klage displays throughout. The bands only member likes to throw the listener off by experimenting with vocals (though they’re usually rasps, he does use chanted clean vocals and rare screams) and other elements that really confuse, yet pleasantly surprise me all at the same time. In conclusion, Klage offer a relentless and misanthropic vision of Black Metal. Incredibly minimalistic and cold in its approach, Klage may sound like your typical act, but Klage has something special to offer, a certain edge about the music. A deep and dark core can be found behind the music. Simplistic, uncompromising and very atmospheric.

Debut album of Finnish black metal band Korgonthurus .Await two long tracks full of hate and despair

KOSA – Evilabsorption 8 Eur

KRIEGSMASCHINE – Enemy of Man Digipack CD 11.90 Eur

New album as Digipack CD with booklet

KRIEGSMASCHINE – Prism: Archive 2002-2004 CD 11.90 Eur

Compilation CD documenting studio activity of KSM in its early phase: “Flagrum” and “Devotee” demos, split 7” with Szron, Promo 2004 and two previously unreleased pre-production tracks from “Altered states of divinity” album, originally intended as new promo, yet never released and never distributed.

KRIEGSMASCHINE – A thousand voices mCD 8.50 Eur
Re-issue under special paper.


LONNDOM – Hagkomster fran Nordliga Nejder & Norrskenritual Gatefold Digisleeve
Formed by members of Armagedda and LIK, this special release from Lonndom combines their ‘Hagkomster Fran Nordliga Nejder’ EP of 2008 with previously unreleased EP, ‘Norrskenritual.’ It might be a too-easy comparison to draw, but if you like Ulver’s ‘Kveldssanger,’ this will lull and calm you in a very similar manner…

First two tracks are from the “Hagkomster fran Nordliga Nejder” EP, released for the first time on CD.
This material was previously only released with the first 100 copies of the “Falen fran Norr” LP
and is a logical anticipation of this masterpiece album since they were recorded shortly beforehand.
The “Norrskenritual” EP was never released to this day.

The CD comes in a limited handmade & embossed gatefold digisleeve.

Full album is 5 tracks, total time: 43 minutes

Released on limited handmade & embossed gatefold digisleeve

LUCIFUGUM – Sectane Satani CD + A4 poster + flyer 8.50 Eur
13th cup of poison from the Ukrainian dictators of the black order! Pathological, Egoistic Black Metal!

LUPUS NOCTURNUS – Suicidal thoughts PT I CD in DVD case 9.50 Eur
Suicidal/Depressive Black Metal
Review in M.A. – http://www.metal-archives.com/reviews/Lupus_Nocturnus/Suicidal_Thoughts_Pt._I/195324/

LYRINX – Nihilistic purity (A5 DIGIPACK) (Sold out)
A5 DIGIPACK version limited to 100 copies with booklet.


MALVEILLANCE – Just Fuck Off 8 Eur
Third full-length album. Angry, primitive, totally harsh, crust-infused, D-beat-whacking, Black Metal.

Full length of blackened and blasphemous Canadian Crust released in conjunction with New Scream Industry and Sabbathid Records. “…scuzz-fucked D-beat throb absolutely reeking of sewage, absolutely some of the best trance-trash money can currently buy, rock-out aesthetics numbed to Stoogian primitivism.” – Nathan T. Birk (Metal Maniacs).

MANAGARM / STERBENZEIT / 78424325 –Three Ways to Live in Pain 3-Way CD 8.50 Eur
Threee Ways To Live In Pain is a three way split depressive black metal album with Managarm / Sterbenzeit / 78424325

78424325 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OsgPAbITno
STERBENZEIT – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_Oa5uELoQ0
MANAGARM – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylg9mU9W_PQ

MANES – Svarte Skoger CD 13 Eur
No need for introduction, this was our first release back in ’05 now pressed again but this time with new masters (both LP and CD) with the best audio quality from these demo tapes up to date. Since there were some problems with the duration of the CD in some CD players this is pressed again without the 2 extra trax.

MANES – Svarte Skoger A5 Leatherbook (Red, Gold nd Black) 22 Eur
No need for introduction, this was our first release back in ’05 now pressed again but this time with new masters (both LP and CD) with the best audio quality from these demo tapes up to date. Since there were some problems with the duration of the CD in some CD players this is pressed again without the 2 extra trax.

MARE – Spheres Like Death MCD 17 Eur
-Those who heard the call of the Nidrosian moon sabbath, come forth and wander deep into these spheres like death, mysteries and darkness…
Some call it Black Metal, some call them Nachtmahrwaltzer, but we call it life. A life that that reaches it’s worth only when the offerlams blood fills the chalice…

MARE – Spheres Like Death/Throne Of The Thirteenth Witch CD 13 Eur

A re release of the long sold out and sought after Spheres Like Death EP, including the TotTW 7″EP fully remastered. Everything with brand new altered layout.

MEDICO PESTE – Tremendum et Fascinatio CD 12 Eur

Debut full-lenght, one of the best debuts of the Polish BM scene.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at NO SOLACE studio by MGLA.
Medico Peste consists of people involved also in bands like Mgla and Massemor

MIN KNIV – Av Aske mCD 8.50 Eur
-Min Kniv executes Black Metal in pure hateful spirit! Hypnotic, cold and repetitive hymns invoked with total devotion! Raw sound and noble presentation well fitting this demo.
Previously only available on cassette format through Fossbrenna Creations! Remastered by KARK from DØDSENGEL, and comes with new artwork!

MONARQUE / NEIGE ET NOIRCEUR – Cantus Maleficus CD 9.50 Eur
Brandnew split album of these brilliant canadian black metal bands.

MONARQUE / NEIGE ET NOIRCEUR – Cantus Maleficus CD 4 panel Digipack 12 Eur
Digipack limited to 100 copies only. Great split album of these brilliant canadian black metal bands.

MORTIIS – “The Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost” 1993 Leatherbooks CD 22 euros
After leaving Emperor Mortiis first unique attempt to create his own musical landscapes and world for the first time
Leatherbook CD edition: 50 copies in Silver, 50 copies in Gold

MYSTRUIN – Gånget äro ljuset CD 13.00 Eur

…Ordered by the darkest might
Swept from this place
Into my uneven mind
Adversed by the incessant dystopia
that clings to the world…

Bizarre Aesthetics and musical blackness.
Limited Edition.


NECROPLASMA – My Hearse, My Redemtion 8.50 Eur
Re-issue of the 2002 album.

NEFANDUS – Death Holy Death
”After 13 silent years, Nefandus are back with their deadliest release ever, ”Death Holy Death”.
8 hymns of Qliphothic Death Magic with guest appearances from Marduk, Arditi and O.D et A.A.”

NEKROKULT – Postrema Expiratio Humanorum mCD 6.50 Eur
mCD with 12 pag booklet.
Death Worshipping Black Metal. 5 putrid tracks of Abominating Black Metal!!!!

NKVD – Diktatura mCD 6.50
Oppressive industrialized black metal.
Layout by Eric Syre.
Vocals on “Incipit SSSR” by Eric Syre.

NOX INFERI – Adverse Spheres 8.50 Eur
Chapter II of the DESOLATION PROPAGANDA collection.

NOX INFERI is the new project of Wraith, mastermind of Australian band NAZXUL, helped in this dark affair by Lurker on drums (TOIL, ex-VROLOK) and NH on prophetic vocal rendition (CORPUS CHRISTII).
Ghoulish, apocalyptic and experimental black metal of the highest level. Feels like you’re the last human contemplating citadels in ruins while rejoicing at the thought of your own forthcoming decay.
Any form of life has long since then left this putrid cadaver.


OLD FUNERAL – “Our condolences” Limited edition Double CD 12.50 Euros

This exclusive and limited (500 only!) edition comes housed in a gatefold cover and fully printed double sided inserts as with the previous (sold out) black and white vinyl editions. Additional images are placed on the picture discs themselves!

ONE TAIL, ONE HEAD – One Tail, One Head DigiMCD 9 Eur
-Due to big demand and the two 7″EP’s selling out so fast, TERRATUR POSSESSIONS and OTOH decided to compile the two into an MCD.
“Six demosongs re-arranged and re-recorded in Brygga Studio[SARATH] in 2010, giving the songs the justice they deserve, rather than the low-fi demotapes that are floating around.
OTOH presents pure, Nidrosian madness exclusively!”


PAGALGUENNA – Dreams 9 Eur
Raw, symphonic Pagan/Viking Metal reminiscent of early Covenant, Summoning and Limbonic (Quote Red Stream)


PARIA – Vermin Race Digipack 11 Eur
Debut album of German cult sick black metal act Paria. Await uncompromising perverse Black Metal. Comes on noble Digipack format with silverprint and 12 sided booklet.

Two long tracks of great ambient laced black metal from this Swiss act

Songs differ slightly from the tape version.

PURE EVIL – Chapter II: Sacrifice 10 Eur
Raw and primitive satanic Death Metal from Finland


SANCTUM SANGUIS – Tenebra Perpetua mCD 8 Eur
Debut demo of Swedish BM from members of Promenia and Svart.

SERPENT RISE – Gathered By…
A great and one of the first Brasilian Doom Metal Bands.

SIEGHETNAR – Todessehnsucht 9 Eur
Surreal sounding Black Metal/Ambient mixture in the vein of Xasthur, Leviathan and so forth.

SOLGRAV / F – Kaksi Perkelettä Slit CD 6.50 Eur
Split-CD between Solgrav and F (formerly known as Fornjotr), Finnish heathen/wilderness metal meets Finnish ultra-brutal death metal! Comes with fully colored booklet and full lyrics.

SOMBRE CHEMIN – Hétérodoxie : Opus 1 – Haine mCD 7 Eur
Intense and hateful heathen Black Metal Art

SUBVERTIO DEUS – Psalms of Perdition CD 10 Eur
The second and apocalyptic coming of this majestic Esoteric black/death metal vestige is now at hand! Conceived through the mystical numerology of VII, this album is seven didactic steps to death, uncreation and solipsistic gnosticism through ruin. Initially released in 2008, Nachtgnosis are proud to offer the revised edition of “Psalms Of Perdition” in alliance with Exitium – this digital epitaph comes with new artwork as well as complete lyrics and annotations by Subvertio Deus.

This final testament presents three incantations and four mournful Psalms and which guide the heart, mind, spirit and flesh of man towards the blinding light of a thousand black suns. Subvertio Deus’ dense tomes of ascetic evil preserves the dedication and spirit of bands such as Mayhem, early Emperor and Malign as well as the innovation of Gorguts and Autopsy.
In Van R.

SÜHNOPFER – Nos sombres chapelles 8.50 Eur
Three years after the release of “L’aube des trépassés” mncd,
Ardraos is back with Sühnopfer debut album entitled “Nos sombres chapelles”.
Old school melodic & conservative black metal in the vein of Scandinavian black metal
acts such as Dissection, Sacramentum & Emperor.
An album that could have been recorded in the 90s. (quote label)

SUPPLICIUM – Atrae Poenae mCD 7 Eur
French Orthodox Black Metal

SUPPLICIUM – Magna atra missa CD 9.50 Eur
Satanic black metal of the highest class. A masterpiece album. 16-page booklet with lyrics and art.
A masterpiece album.

SVARTIDAUÐI – Flesh Cathedral CD / DigiCD 12 Eur / 13 Eur

All great things must first wear terrifying and monstrous masks in order to inscribe themselves on the hearts of humanity.

Recorded at Manus Nigra Studios in the early winter of 2011, Flesh Cathedral is an epic journey through labyrinthine nightmares and hallucinogenic initiation. Chronicling years of meditative abuse of body and mind, bearing the fruit of turmoil and transcendental decadence. As the debut full length of SVARTIDAUÐI, the Flesh Cathedral stands as a monument of transfigurations and apocalyptic lust.

Cross the borders of nightmares…

…venture into the sphere of whorrors…

…enter the Flesh Cathedral.

SVEDHOUS – From Despair to Suicide CD in DVD Box 9 Eur
Depressive BM from Korea in the vein of Hypothermia, comes in a DVD case with inlay on thick paper

SYKLISK NEDGANG – Purification Through the Fall 7.50 Eur
From the deepest pits of the unknown comes SYKLISK NEDGANG.
Debut MNCD of twisted, raw and satanic black metal.
Icons Blasphemer from INKISITOR is helped in this very dark matter
by Fall (ÖRDÖG) on vocals and Spencer Greening (GYIBAAW) on drums.


TAARMA – Remnants of a Tormenting Black Shadow CD 8 Eur
Suffocating and Rueful Afghan Black Metal

TEITANBLOOD – Death CD 12.80 Eur

The second Teitanblood album corrects the misconception about Death Metal being music, mortui vivos docent.

TERATISM – Pure Unadulterated Hate 11 Eur
Brilliant US black metal band. With guest vocals of Dagon from Inquisition.

Japanese Black Metal

THIRST – Blacklight Digipack 9.50 Eur
Digi pack with 16-pages booklet stylized on an old book!

TJOLGTJAR – Five Tjolgtjarian Keys CD 8 Eur
Twisted American Black Metal demo re-release.

URUK HAI – Across the Misty Mountains CD 7.50 Eur
Limited to 500 handnumbered copies in DVD box. (80 minutes)
The year 2006 – blood freezes in the veins at the sound of clenching steel, a further, more giant battle is fought. The way of the warrior is sealed, created out of flesh and steel, baptized in fire and ice the warlord Uruk-Hai rises with iron force to fight his battle in the land of shadows. Dark Pagan Ambient hymns, mystic and bombastic battlesounds lead you to deadly moors, rise up high in the sky and chase the dark creatures through enchanted woods. Mighty atmospheres, wardrums, cymbals and fanfares build a symphony like the ride of a Valkyrie. Recorded back in 2004 will tell this album about the long forgotten ode to the magic of the Misty Mountains. Surely a favourite for Lord Of The Rings fanatics! Ltd x 500 copies in a DVD case.


VEMOD – Venter På Stormene DigiCD 11 Eur

Dark Ethereal Metal from Nidaros. Atmospheric and extravagant, yet stripped and raw.

One of the definitive highlights of 2012!

VERHERN – Verhern 8 Eur

VED BUENS ENDE… – Those who caress the Pale Leatherbook (white and black) 22 Eur
Those Who Caress the Pale Leatherbook including the pioneer 1994 demo remastered and 5 bonus trax from Manes from Askim ( not to be confused with the other more well known Manes from Trondheim) which were the first musical attempts of Vicotnik back in 1993 under the name Pro-Gnosis-Diabolis


WEHMUT – Wehmut (black polycarbonate CD – lim. 500) 8.50 Eur

WHEN MINE EYES BLACKEN – When Mine Eyes Blacken

WOODS OF INFINITY – Förintelse & Libido 9 Eur
Limited handmade gatefold digisleeve with embossed effect on the front & 12 page booklet with lyrics in English and Swedish

This split cd features new & exclusive material of WYRD and KEHRÄ as well as the excellent 3rd demo of HÄIVE for the first time on CD


(Tape list not updated yet)


ABRACADABRA (Ita) – Anatema 4 Eur
(The band changed name to MURK and released a CD by No Colours Rec)Pro colored covers limited to 300 hand numbered copies.

AD HOMINEM – A new race for a new world Demo Tape 4 Eur

Tape double-sided pro cover, limited to 500 units

ANAL VOMIT (Peru) – “Sudamerica brutal” (Death/Black) Demo’98 4 Eur re stock soon

ANDRARAKH – Von gefrierenden Wassern & monumentaler Sehnsucht 4 Eur
Tape vesion of their CDr inc a bonus song with pro covers and stickers, limited to 300 handnumbered copies.

ANDRARAKH – Von gefrierenden Wassern & monumentaler Sehnsucht Special Edition 5 Eur
Special edition limited to 50 handnumbered copies with different color cover in hand done box vinyl sticker in tapes, pin and A3 Poster.
25 come with black pins and other 25 with white pins as the box…

ANGANTYR (Den) – Sejr Temporary out of stock 4.50 Eur

ANGANTYR – Kampen Fortsætter 4.50 Eur

ANGRA MAINYU(Ger) – The Art of Blasphemy 5.50 Eur re stock soon

AOSOTH – Aosoth PRO TAPE 5 Eur

ARGUS – Obscur Si Etern

ARKHA SVA – Rekonquista 7 Eur

ARKHA SVA – Hymne 7Eur

ARYOUS – Maitre des Dominations Cérèbrales

ASHTORETH INCESTI (Bel) –“Hypnagogic…

ASKA – “Där Vanvett Gror”

ASTAROTH – “Invoking a dark Fullmoon”

ASTAROTH (Aust) – Real Hate Pro-Tape 4.50

AUSTERE / ISOLATION – Bleak Split Tape 4 Eur

AUSTERE / LYRINX – Only the Wind Remembers / Ending the Circle of Life Split tape 5 Eur

A.M.S.G. (Can.) – Anti-Cosmic Tyranny Tape 5 Eur

Pro. printed tape & inlet
Offical Tape release of the debut album
Limited to 150 copies


BATALLION – PromotörHell ’05 4 Eur
15 Blackened Thrash Metal songs including Bathory and GG Allin covers.
(Rehearsal and Live songs)

BEHEST – His Apotheosis 4 Eur

BELZEBUTH – “Nastik Diemurge” Pro Tape limited to 200 copies 4.50 Eur

BILSKIRNIR / HUNOK – Allied By Heathen Blood 4 Eur

BLACK HOWLING – Frustração 6 Eur

Two of the best Depressive Black Metal bands in union for this great split

BLACK HOWLING / MARBH Split Pro Tape 4.50 Eur (Sold Out)
Pro Tape (silver printed) with pro covers hand numbered to 200.

BLACK PLAGUE (Por) – “Under the Black Flame” 4 eur

BOSSE – “3”

BLODFEST – Krakes Blod 4 Eur

BLODFEST – Krakes Krigeres Kampgejst 4 Eur

BÖLZER – Aura 5 Eur

Black Tapes with Silver onbody Print, pro. Printed Inlay

Limited to 300 Copies

BRUMA OBSCURA – “Murmúrios da Serra” normal version
(Schizo Misanthropic Black Metal with original vocals)

BURIAL HORDES – “War, Revenge & Total Annihilation”


CELESTIA (Fra) – Dead Insecta Sequestra” (Black Metal) 4 Eur

CELESTIA – Frigidiis Apotheosia 4,50€

CELESTIAL BLOODSHED – Cursed, Scarred and Forever Possessed Pro Tape 5 Eur
-As the CD version is almost sold out, and the vinyl version long since gone, a tape version of this magnificent album was in order. Here presented with all new layout with never before seen pictures!

One of the most aggressive releases ever to come out of Nidaros, Celestial Bloodshed delivers a fist in the face to all the so called “Black Metal” bands out there. DEATH TO FALSE DEVOTION!

CELTIC DANCE – 1488- Blood & Triumph! 4 Eur

CEMETERY FOG – “Shadows From The Cemetery” Tape 5 Eur

– Pro. Printed Black Tapes With White Onbody Print
– Pro. Printed B/W Cover
– Limited To 300 Copies

CHALICE OF BLOOD – Angelus Diaboli 4 Eur

CHAO – Spiritus Sankti Demo Pro Tape (red version and black version) 5 Eur

Impressive piece of Icelandic Black Metal madness! People take note, this band will not go unnoticed…

CHURCH BIZARRE (Den) – ” Demo 2004″ (Black/Death Metal) 5.50 Eur

CHURCH BIZARRE – Sinisiter Glorification with pro covers 4 Eur

CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS – Tree of Knowledge Pro Tape 4.50 Eur

CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS – Night Radiance pt. 2 Pro Tape 4.50 Eur (Sold Out)

CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS – Night Radiance pt. 3 Pro Tape 4.50 Eur (Sold Out)


“Two artistic entities offer up an unconventional course of community incorporating wailing post-punk with dream ambience. Moving through the silent parts of thought and speech both parties take their leaps into a shining & redoubtable stream without haste or hesitation. The entirety has a strong sense of unexpectancy & wonder, like a wall with a door you never saw before or the end of a message you thought you’d never receive.” Limited tape

CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS – Mullan Tuoksu Pro Tape 5 Eur

Another great harsher recording from this Brilliant Finnish Cult. By now, you know how essential this is. Haunting!

CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS – Pehmeät Kasvot Pro Tape 5 Eur

CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS – “Sisään katsovat seppelesilmät” Pro Tape 5 Eur

“The third and final installment of the currently ongoing trilogy.”

CORPUS CHRISTII – “Rising” 4 Eur

CRIPTA OCULTA – “..aos Nossos Ancestrais Lusitanos” 4.50 Eur
Tape with pro colored covers (front/back), colored stickers limited to 500 hand-numbered copies

CRIPTA OCULTA – Ode ao Metal 4 Eur
Tape with xerox covers handnumbered to 500.

CRYSTALLINE DARKNESS – Melancólica Nostalgia 4 Eur

CRYSTALLINE DARKNESS / PESTILÊNCIA – Delírios Split tape 4.50 eur
Tape with pro covers and stickers, limited to 500 handnumbered copies

CSEJTHE – “L’écho des ruines” Tape 5 Eur

CULT OF FIRE (CZ) – मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान 5 Eur

Pro printed Black Tapes With Red onbody Print, pro Printed 2 sided Full Coloured Cover.

Limited to 300 Copies


DAPNOM (FRA) – S’ohö… Aiv uhé en-öghg (a.p.III) 4 Eur

DARK AGRESSION (Por) – “Satan the king of hell” Promo-live 1998 (Death/Black Metal) 4 eur

DARKNESS / MEPHISTO / VTA split TapeThree “hellfueled” bands from Italy coming in this split for attack your “pussy-ears”!!!! Darkness play Black/Thrash Metal with minimal and “harsh” production..Mephisto play”’80 devoted” Black/Thrash Metal like Bathory/Celtic Frost..and VTA play great “Sodomish” Infernal Thrash Metal!! Total “Bestial Desecration” in this release.

DE MAGIA VETERUM – “Migdal Bavel” 4 Eur
Mories also from Gnaw Their Tongues play here 8 songs of what he call of avant-garde Black Metal …
Tape with pro Colored covers and stickers limited to 300.
First 100 copies come with pro glossy colored covers (50 tapes come with vinyl stickers) and a 9 x 5,8cm vinyl sticker.

DEAD (Mex) – Hanging Illusions 4 Eur

DEAD MEAT (Por) – “Reflections of gore” (Grind Core)

DECAYED – “Thus Revealed” (Lusitanian Black Fucking Metal) 5 Eur
Re-release of the first DECAYED´s Demo Tape.
Decayed is one of the best old school and cult fucking Black Metal
(Demo Tape remastered with pro covers)
Tape with pro covers + A5 B&W xerox zine with interview, photos, poster, etc…about the band.

DEATHROW – Gateways to Oblivion 4 Eur
Tape version of DEATHROW second full-length more two bonus songs with pro covers and stickers limited to 300 handnumbered copies.

DEATHROW – Gateways to Oblivion Special Edition 5 Eur
Special edition limited to 50 handnumbered copies in hand done box vinyl sticker in tapes, pin and A3 Poster.

DEATHROW – The Cold Engine Of Darkness Tape + Patch 5 Eur
Lim.50 – pro cover + patch

DEMONIC SLAUGHTER – “Demonic Possesion” Pro Tape 4 Eur

DESTROY (Por) – “Inside out” – (Grind Core) ’99 4 Eur

DIMHYMN – “Djävulens Tid är Kommen” 4.50 Eur

DISSECTION – Reinkaos 4 Eur


DISSECTION – Storm of the Light’s Bane PRO TAPE

DOGMA (Pol) – “Testimony’98” / “Promo’99” (Death)

DOM DRACUL (Swe) – Genocide in the name of satan (Black Metal) 4 Eur

DOM DRACUL (SWE) – Attack on the crucified 4 Eur

DOMINI INFERI (Hol) – In Nomine Domini Inferi (Black Metal) 4 Eur

… (DOT DOT DOT) – Suffering Existence 4 Eur
Tape with pro colored covers limited to 150 copies

DRAUGLUIN (Gre) – Zeus Meth Imon 4 Eur
(Heathen) Black Metal. Demo Tape with colored pro covers handnumbered to 200.

DRAUGLUIN (Gre) – For all heathens 4 Eur
(Heathen) Black Metal. Demo Tape with colored pro covers handnumbered to 200

DROWNING THE LIGHT – Flames of Sacrifice 5.50 Eur
Limited to 188 copies, with an A4 size layout

DROWNING THE LIGHT – The Masters Empire 5.50 Eur
Tape limited to 333 copies

DUNKELHEIT – Eternal Curse Upon Life 4 Eur

DYSPHORIE – Prophelie Suicidaire: Legerie de la Damnation 4 Eur
Black Metal Down-tempo from France. Pro covers limited to 300 hand numbered copies


EINHERJAR (BEL) – “Sur Les Sentiers D’Une Guerre Païenne” 4.50 Eur

ELIMI – Summoned From Ashes 4 Eur
Pro-Tape (white tape with black print, two sided inlay with 3 flaps)

EMIT (UK) – “A Sword of Death for the Prince” 4.50 Eur

EMPHERIS / HELLISH – “The Rest Are Remains” .

EPITIMIA – Demo mmviii 4 Eur

EREBUS ENTHRONED / NEKROS MANTEIA – Spiritual Deconstruction 4 Eur
Split Tape Limited to 300 copies

ETERNAL MAJESTY – “Unholy Chants of Darkness”

EVIL – Arktogäa (MDR in cooperation with Malicious Black Art Prod) 4 Eur
Re edition of this sold out tape.
Pro covers limited to 300 hand numbered copies

EWE – La Voix des Morts 4 Eur
Re release of La Voix des Morts Demo de 2005-2006 (self released very limited and sold out)
Pro covers limited to 300 hand numbered copies
EWE it´s a dark ambient de Karen Mertz (Luc Mertz “ZARACH BAAL THARAGH and STIGMA DIABOLICUM” daughter) formed in 2004 (Karen was 12 years old at that time).


FLAGELLUM DEI (Pot) – Tormentor…of the False Creator (Black Metal) 4 Eur

FLAMMA AETERNA (Por) – “Forever Inferno” (Black Metal) 4 Eur


FOREST MYSTICISM “Blood of the Woodland”/ LARMES D’HIVERS – “The Fall of Autumn’s Leaves” Split Tape 8.50 Eur

FOREST POETRY – Hatespell Tape 4 Eur
Tape with pro covers and stickers limited to 200 handnumbered copies.

FOREST POETRY – Hatespell Digibox (eight panels) Tape 5 Eur
Tape with pro covers and vinyl stickers limited to 100 handnumbered copies.

FROZEN CRUELTY (Por) – “Masmorras” (Black Metal) 4 Eur

FROZEN DARKNESS (Fra) – “Ages Obscurs” (Black Metal)

FULLMOON DWELLER –The Wandering Ghoul 4 Eur

FUNEREAL MOON – “15 Years Of Demonic Possession” Tape 2009 4 Eur

FUTHARK 14 (Swe) – Aryan Dawn (NS Black Metal) 5.50 Eur Re stock soon

GLADSHEIM – “War Wolf Spirit”

GHAST – May the Curse Bind Pro Tape 4 Eur
Cassette version of the debut album from this horrific doom filled welsh black metal act! 5 tracks spanning over 45 minutes of pure tormented agony…. total pro done tape limited to 250 handnumbered copies

GLORIOR BELLI – “O Laudate Dominvs” Few copies 4 Eur

GLORIOR BELLI – Evil Archaic Order 4 Eur (Sold Out)

GROG (Por) – “Madness Horror and Gut´s live” (Grind/Brutal Death)

GOLDENPYRE (Por) – “Apocryphal” (Death Metal) Demo’98

GOLDENPYRE (Por) – “Necroterrorism” (Death Metal) Demo’01)

GREIFENSTEIN (Aus) – “Ostarrichi Black Metal”

GRIGORI – visions of a burning dawn 4 Eur


HÄIVE – “Epätoivon Vuoksi” 4 Eur

HE´S TURNING BLUE – “Human Replica” (Black Metal) 4 Eur
Great Black Metal from Greece
Pro covers limited to 300 hand numbered copies

HEDENSK BJORN – “Mémoire Guerrière Ancestrale” 4 Eur
Tape with pro covers limited to 300 handnumbered copies.

HEKATOMB (Por) – “Um Túmulo, Eterno Trono” (Black Metal) 4 eur

HELLFUCK – “Carnal Blasphemies” 5 Eur
Tape with pro covers + A5 B&W xerox zine with interview, photos, poster, etc…about the band.
The band features J.A. (Decayed, Alastor, etc) and Andremon (Grog, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium, Simbiose).

HELLFUCK – “Carnal Blasphemies” Normal version 4 Eur

HELSLAKT (Swi) – D’une Mélomanie Perverse au Leitmotiv d’Helslakt 5 Eur

HELL ICON – In Umbra Spectare Magnificentia…

HELL ICON (HOL) – Juder Ergo Cum…

HELL MARY (Austl) – “Belanglo Burial”

HELL MILITIA – Canonisation of the Foul Spirit 4 Eur

HELSEFYR (Swe) – The Land of No Return / Deadly Black I Am (Black Metal) 4.50 Eur

HELVETE – “Kill Him Once Again”

HERESI (SWE) – Infusco Ignis (Psalm I.I) 4 Eur

HERESI (SWE) – Psalm I 4 Eur

HILLS OF SEFIROTH (U.S.A.) – Of Disease and Desperation (Black Metal) 5 Eur

HOLMGANG (Den) – Runens advarsel (Black Metal) 5 Eur

HORNED ALMIGHTY – Black Metal Jesus 4 Eur

HORDAGAARD (Nor) – “Ravnablod / Trollskap”

Two of the best Depressive Black Metal bands in union for this great split

HYPOTHERMIA – Rakbladsvalsen 4,50€

HYPOTHERMIA – Suicide Fixation 4.50 Eur
Tape with pro covers. Winterreich version

HYPOTHERMIA – Självdestruktivitet Född Av Monotona Tankegångar 4.50 Eur
Tape with pro covers. Winterreich version

HYPOTHERMIA – Självdestruktivitet … II – Monoton Negativitet 4.50 Eur
Tape with pro covers. Winterreich version


IMPERIO NOCTURNO (Bol) – Opus Tem-Ohp-Ba (Melodic Black Metal)

IMPIOUS HAVOC (Fin) – At the Ruins of The Holy Kingdom (Black Metal)

IMPIOUS HAVOC (Fin) – The Great Day of Wrath (Black Metal)


INCEST – Satan is Real Demo Tape 4 Eur
Pro colored covers limited to 300 hand numbered copies (Re release)

INFERNAL KINGDOM (Por) – “Our Darkest Black Metal” (Black Metal) 4 eur

INFERNAL RITES (Nor/Ger) – “Possessed By Satan” Demo Tape 4 Eur
Re release of this great BlackThrash cult band
(All Music and Lyrics by Achamoth during 1993-1999!
“Outbreak Of Evil” by Angel Ripper, Witch Hunter, Grave Violator!) Pro covers limited to 666 hand numbered copies

INFERNO (Cze) – Fucking Funeral Attack 1997-2004 (Black Metal) 4 Eur

IN CUNT (Por) – “In Fucking Cunt”, limited to 250 copies (Brutal Death Metal)

IRRBLOSS – “Hymns”

ISHKUR – Revenant 4 Eur
Great Orchestral and raw Black Metal
Pro covers and stickers limited to 200 hand numbered copies

ISOLATION – “Hier Am Ende Der Welt ” 4 Eur

ISTORN (Nor) – Gjennom mørke skogen (Black Metal) 5 Eur
Demo tape ’05. Atmospheric Forest Black Metal from Norway.


JÄGER – Call of the Wolf 4 Eur
Pro covers limited to 100 hand numbered copies


KILL THE KRISTIANS – The Final Solution 4 Eur
Tape with pro covers

KILTE / FUNERAL MOURNING – Emission through Selfinfliction 4 Eur

KARGVINT – “Seelenwerks Fortgang” Normal tape version 4 Eur
Tapes with double side pro colored covers and stickers handnumbered and limited to 300.

KARGVINT – “Seelenwerks Fortgang” Special tape version 5.50 Eur
Tapes with double side pro colored covers and stickers handnumbered and limited tofir st 60 copies + pin + sticker with band logo with tape cover design.
Tapes come in glossy hand done box (with band and label logo on it)

KLAGE DER NACHT – Dem Winter entgegen Demo tape Special edition (Limited to first 60 copies) 5.50 Eur
Tape with pro covers and stickers on tapes handnumbered + pin with band logo + sticker with band logo (9cm x 4,02) Tapes come in glossy hand done box (with band and label logo on it)

KLAGE DER NACHT – Dem Winter entgegen Normal edition 4 Eur

KOLDBRANN – Moribund 4 Eur

KOMMANDANT – Iron Hands on Scandanavia
Pro covers lim to 300 handnumbered copies
Black/Death Thrash Metal from USA (Nick Hernandez from Dysphoria,
David Swanson ex-Nachtmystium, Enforsaken, Unholy Trinity…)

KOSA – Evilabsorption 4 Eur

KRATORNAS – Ritual of Chaos 4 Eur


LARMES D’HIVERS – As the Dusk Falls 4.50 Eur
Great Cold Depressive Black Metal from Australia.
Pro covers limited to 300 hand numbered copies

LARMES D’HIVERS – “The Fall of Autumn’s Leaves” / FOREST MYSTICISM “Blood of the Woodland” Split Tape 8.50 Eur

LOITS(Est) – “Ei Kahetse Midagi” 4 Eur
(Extreme National Romantic Black Metal) Demo 2001

LUCIFUGUM / SUNDUSK – “Where the ages Disappear” / “As the soldiers pride rebirth” 4 Eur
(Black Metal) Split Tape’01

LUCIFUGUM – “Sectane Satani” 4 Eur

LUCIFUGUM – “Involtation” 4.50 Eur

LUNATIC GODS (Cze) “The Wilderness” (Atmospheric/ Thrash/Death/Doom/Black Metal)
(B&W Pro cover)

LUX FERRE (Por) “Wicked Riffs of War”, limited to 250 copies (Black Metal) Demo Tape’01 4 Eur


LUTOMYSL – Katharsis/ 2006. jet Black Metal Art (ukr) 4 Eur

LVXCAELIS – Slaughtering of the Lamb Tape 6 Eur

Presenting 4 magickal tracks as an advance for their upcoming LP.
Svartidauði – Flesh Cathedral Tape 5.50 eur


MANIAC BUTCHER (Chech) “Metal From Hell” (Black Metal) 4 Eur

MARE FRIGORIS – “The Odyssey” 4Eur

MARE FRIGORIS – Demo one 4.50 Eur
Pro tape with pro covers

MATRICIDE (Swe) – Black Mass Gathering (Black Metal) 5 Eur

MERRIMACK (FRA) – Ashes of purification 4 Eur

MIASMA – Spiritual Death Demo Tape 4 Eur
Canadian Misanthropic Black Metal Pro covers limited to 500 hand numbered copies

MOLOCH – A Journey to the Vyrdin Tape version 4.50 Eur
The first 60 tapes have vinyl stickers in the tapes and A5 pro b&w
poster insert + logo vinyl sticker.
From the number 61 to 300 it comes with vinyl stickers in the tapes
and A5 b&w xerox poster insert.

MOLOCH – Misanthropie ist der einzige Weg zur Reinheit Tape out now. 4 Eur
Tape with pro covers limited to 300 handnumbered copies and with stickers on tapes.
Eleven songs, more than an hour of music…

MONS VENERIS – A Tribute to Abruptum 4 Eur

Tape stickers on tape

MORZHOLL – “Morzhol” 4.50 Eur


NACHTMYSTIUM (USA) – “Demise” (Black Metal) 5.50 eur

NAHEMOTH (Por) – “Winds of Terror” (Black Metal) 4 Eur

NECROCULT (Bra) / INNER HELVETE (Por) – “Metal Satanic” Split Tape’01 limited to 666 copies (Black Metal) 4.50 eur

NECROPLASMA – x Corona bestia vox vocis 4.50 Eur

NECROPLASMA – Sit Gloria Domini In Saecvlvm 4.50 Eur

NETHERMANCY (Por) – Towards the Astral Twilight (Black Metal) Few copies 4 Eur

NIHDRYM – Kosmosophia 4.50 Eur

NIHDRYM is a new project born from old timers of the underground.
Kosmosophia introduces raw cosmic black metal strongly influenced by the old Polish black
metal scenes and acts such as Veles, Infernum and early Graveland while displaying a strong identity with eerie, cosmic keyboard passages among other things.
Sounds like it was recorded in some damp basement in the early 90’s.
Vilwolfheim of Sombre Chemin handles the drums and keyboards on the recording.
The demo includes a Legion of Doom covertrack.
Tape double-sided pro covers

N.K.V.D – “Diktatura” 4 Eur

Great Industrial Black Death Metal from France
Eric from THESYRE is responsible for the artwork and will handle the vocals on one track. Pro covers limited to 500 hand numbered copies.

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION – Suicidal thoughts 4 Eur

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION – Near to the stars 4 Eur

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION – Soundtrack For A Suicide 4 Eur

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION – Nostalgia – Fragments of a Broken Past 4 Eur

NORD (Can) – “Nord” Tape LP

NORD (Can) – “Sombre Jour / Les saisons froides” Tape LP


OATH OF CIRION (Fin) – King of the Dragonthrone (Symphonic/Black Metal) 5 Eur

OBSCVRVS ADVOCAM (FRA) – Fervour and Devotion 4 Eur

OBSCVRVS ADVOCAM – Verbia Daemonicus 4 Eur

OFERMOD – Mystérion Tés Anomias PRO TAPE

oOo (FRA) – S.T.N Nuclear Generation 4Eur

ORDO TEMPLIS ORIENTIS – Eros et Culto Thanatos 4 Eur

ÖRDÖG – Miserie Mei Dominie 4 Eur


PAGAN HERITAGE (NL) – “The Book of Shadows”

PALE MIST – From a Creul Obscurity Tape

PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS – Embrace After Death 4.50 Eur


POSSESSION (Bel) – His Best Deceit 5 Eur

Half black/half white Tapes With onbody print

Pro printed Inlay

PROFANE SOLITUDE (Ukr) – Awakening in Emptiness 4.50 Eur

PROFOND BARATHRE (Swi) – “Un voile de Poussiere” 4.50 Eur


PURE EVIL GRINDCORE – And then you die
Good Death/Grind


RAPTUS (Por) – “Antiphilantropy” (Black Metal) Few copies 4.50 Eur

RAVISH NOCTURNE – “Clung to the Ground” 4 Eur
Great Italian Black Metal one man band Glossy covers limited to 200 hand numbered copies

RIDDLE OF MEANDER – “End of All Life and Creation” 4Eur

RUST (Swe) – Demo Tape
(Great Swedish Black/Thrash Metal band) Tape version of the mCD + a rehersal song as bonus recorded for this release.
Pro covers and stickers lim to 300 hand numbered copies


SAD – “A Curse In Disguise”

SADOGOAT (Den) – Suicidal Satanic Death (Old School Black/Death) 5 Eur

SADOGOAT (Den) /BLACK JEHOVA (Den) – Terror Cult/Demo #6 (Black Metal) 5 Eur

SANSÂGER (Den) – Fortid (Black Metal) 4.50 Eur

SARCUEIL – “Funeral Path”

SARCUEIL is a side project of Franck (Umbakrail, Triste Sir).
Pro covers lim to 500 hand numbered copies
Sarcueil is the expression of distress, hate, and loneliness.
A black mix of brutality and sad guitar riff with sick vocals.

SATANIC BLOOD (HOL) – Satan Boven Alles 4 Eur

SCHWARZLOSE – Dry Rotten Echoes Of Absurd Vomitism 4 Eur

SCOURGE OF THE LEPER – Scourge Of The Leper 4 Eur

SIRIUS (Por) – “…The Eclipse (The Summons Of The Warriors Of Armageddon)” (Symphonic Black Metal) 5 Eur

SITRA AHRA – Sitra Ahra 4 Eur

SKJOLD (Den) – Kirkebrand (1 edition) (Black Metal) 5.50 eur

SKJOLD (Den) – Helvede På Jord (Black Metal) 5 Eur

SLUGATHOR – “Circle of Death” 4Eur

SOLA SVARTNAR (Fra/Can) – “Conquete”

SOLGRAV – “Auringon Hauta” 4Eur


SORGSVART – Fra Verden I Vakkert Selvmord 4 Eur


STIGMA DIABOLICUM – “Terror Inside Part II” tape

STIH (Rom) – “Shadow Torn” (Black/Gothic Metal) 4Eur

STORM LEGION (Por) – “Statement…” Few copies 4.50 Eur

STORMNATT (Aus) – Funeral apocalypse (Black Metal) 5 Eur

STRIBORG (Austl) – Mysterious semblance (Black Metal/Ambient) 5 Eur

SVARTALFHEIM – Dreadful Black Hollow 4.50 Eur
Tape with pro covers, vinyl stickers on tapes and inside a hand done box, with band and label logos. Limited to 100 handnumbered copies.
First 33 include a normal black sticker with white band logo and a vinyl white sticker with black logo (11×7).

SVART HAL – “Silhouettes” 4 Eur

SVART HAT – “Nihilistic Holocaust” 4 Eur

SVARTR STRIJD (Swe) – En Sista Vind (Black Metal) 5.50 Eur


TAARMA – Beyond the cemetery gates 4 Eur
Pro-Tape (with white print and two sided inlays)

TEMPLE OF BAAL – Servants of the beast 4Eur

TENEBRARVM (Por) – “Invoke Wrathful Lore” (Black Metal) 4.50 eur

THE SORCERER (Por) – “Through the valley of shadows” (Black Metal) Demo’97 4.50 eur

THY LIGHT – “Suici. De. Pression” 5.50 Eur Re stock soon

TOIL – Obscure chasms 4,50


TRAGEDY BEGINS (Gre) – Thanatos & Katastrophe (Black Metal/Industrial) 4 Eur

TRISKÉLE (Can) – “Triade Nordique”

TRISTE SIR (Fra) – Royaume Perdu 4 Eur
Black Metal (with members of Umbakrail, Sarcueil and Peste Noire)Pro covers and stickers lim to 300 hand numbered copies

TUATHA DE DANANN (Bra) – “The Last Pendragon” (Celtic/Doom/Folk) Demo’96 4.50 Eur

TUATHA DE DANANN (Bra) – “Faeryage” (Celtic/Doom/Folk) Demo’98 4.50 Eur


UNBEING (Nor) – III: Transcendence 5 Eur

Hypnotic, droning, audial blackness. Unbeing’s third and final tape bears the title TRANSCENDENCE, and will set a definite end to every aspect of Unbeing, both musically and lyrically. Unbeing has finally come full circle, after three releases, three live performances and three persons involved. Everything is finite. The Unbeing has transcended.

UNDER FETID CORPSES (Por) – “Archives of Urban Necroslaughtery”, limited to 250 Copies (Death/Grind Core) Demo’01/’02

UNHOLY CRUCIFIX – “The Flesh” (Horror Creatures Series Vol.1) Pro-Tape 4.50 Eur

URNA/ LESCH-NYHAN SINDROME – “Hanebüchen” Split Tape 4Eur

URUK HAI – Northern Lights 4Eur


VAARHERRE – Kulden, Kjoettet Pro-Tape 4.50 Eur

VALAR (Fin) – Where Dragons Forever War (Black Metal/Ambient) 4 Eur

VALKYRJA – The Invocation of Demise 4.50 Eur
– Pro-Tape, lim to 200 Copies
– white tape with black print, two sided inlay with 3 flaps
– recorded and mastered at Necromorbus Studios
– including logo button

VASSAGO (Tur) – “Never Turns Back” (Doom/Death) 4.50 eur

VEXED (Ita) / FARSCAPE (Bra) Split (Thrash Metal) 4.50 Eur

VEMOD – V enter På Stormene Pro Tape 5 Eur

Dark Ethereal Metal from Nidaros. Atmospheric and extravagant, yet stripped and raw.

One of the definitive highlights of 2012!

VICTIMIZER (Den) – 5 Years of Violence and Skullfucking (Speed/Thrash Metal) 4.50 Eur

VICTIMIZER (Den) – Skullfucked by Victimizer (Speed/Thrash Metal) 4 eur

VICTIMIZER (Den) – Unholy Banners of War (Speed/Thrash Metal) 4Eur

VINTERNATT (Slovenia) – The Dawn of Abolish
Pro covers limited to 333 hand numbered copies

VINTERRIKET (Ger) /LEBZUL (Pan) – Split demo 2001 (BMDA/Dark Ambient) 4 Eur


VOLUNTARIA – Triste 4 Eur

VOMIT CHURCH – Offers to the Sado God

VORKUTA / HELDENTOD – “Monument” Split Tape 4Eur

VROLOK (U.S.A.) – Resurgence 4 Eur

VUCUB CAME – “Vomito Negro” tape 4 Eur


WATAIN- Rabid Death´s Curse 5 Eur

WATAIN – Casus Lucíferi 5 Eur

WATAIN – Sworn to the Dark 5Eur

Get the 3 WATAIN tapes and win a WATAIN logo vinyl sticker.

WEDARD – “Ein Leben in der Ewigkeit” (German Depressive & Melancholic Black Metal!) 5.50 Eur
Demo Tape + A5 B&W Zine with bio, interview, photos, A4 poster…
Re-release of this great full-length from 2006 with a bonus track.

WEDARD – “Wo die Ewigkeit die Zeit Berührt” (MDR in collaboration with Malicious Black Art Prod). 4.50 Eur
Tape version of the last album with pro covers and stickers handnumbered limited to 300 copies.
The first 60 come with vinyl stickers on tapes and a vinyl sticker with band logo.

WINTERBLUT – Das Aas aller Dinge 4 Eur

WOLOK – Servum Pecus

WOLFENHORDS (Croatia) – “Pathway to Lunar Utopia” 4 Eur
NS Black Metal. Pro covers and stickers limited to 333 hand numbered copies

Tape with pro covers and stickers limited to 100 handnumbered copies

WUNDE (Bel) – “Call of Chaos” (Black Metal/Noise)

WÜRM (Can) – Nocturnes Demo Tape 4 Eur
Tape with pro covers and stickers. Handnumberes and limited to 200.
40:11 min of great Black Metal with a Depressive touch

WYRD tapes released by Winterreich.
Tapes with pro covers, 4 Eur + postage – all tapes 25 Eur + postage
WYRD – Heathen
WYRD – Huldrafolk
WYRD – Wrath & Revenge
WYRD – Vargtimmen Pt.I
WYRD – Vargtimmen Pt. II
WYRD – Rota
WYRD – The Ghost Album


XASTHUR – Subliminal Genocide Pro -Tape 4.50 Eur
There are many ways to describe the works of Malefic. Yet, words seems to fall flat when you try to articulate what you feel when the eerie tunes lingers through the speakers. The music contained on this cassette speaks for itself and needs no further introduction. Licensed from Hydra Head Records. This tape also contains one additional track that was only available on the vinyl version of the very same album. The cassettes are pro-printed. Limited to 500 copies.
XII songs – Total length: 75 minutes


ZARACH BAAL THARAGH (Fra) – Satan’s servants (Raw Black Metal)

ZARACH BAAL THARAGH – “Real Life, Evil Dream” tape

ZARACH BAAL THARAGH – “Dementia” tape

ZARACH BAAL THARAGH – “Metal Bastard” tape

Tape with pro covers and stickers on tape

Tape Compilations:

5 Years of Unholy Fire
21 bands and 24 tracks for 2 hours of unholy music
This compilation was limited to 500 hand numbered copies.
Double tape in slipcase and with stickers:

1 – SOMBRE CHEMIN (FRA) – “le feu du sabbat” Unreleased introduction.
2 – SOMBRE CHEMIN (FRA) – “les racines du vieil arbres” Track taken from the sold out split 7″ep with Arnstadt.
3 – BILSKIRNIR (GER) – “wolfswut” Unreleased mix of the same track from “wolfswut” 7″ep.
4 – WYRD (FIN) – “i break” Track appear on the Katatonia’s double CD tribute.
5 – WORLD’S BLACKNESS (FRA) – “world’s blackness” Track from the forthcoming demo tape.
6 – AKITSA (QUE) – “goétie” Track taken from the sold out 7″ep “prophétie hérétique”.
7 – PAGANBLUT (BUL) – “Fuck Donald’s” Unreleased.

8 – HUNOK (HUN) – “yearning part 2” Unreleased raw mix.
9 – NAASTRAND (FRA) – “les cuirassés” Unreleased.
10 – AESTHENIA (USA) – “the alpha and the omega” Unreleased.
11 – VULTYR (FIN) – “the grim face of death” Unreleased.
12 – EINHERJAR (BEL) – “quand les ornements du ciel étaient des runes” Track taken from “sur les sentiers d’une guerre païenne” demo tape.

13 – WARAGE (FRA) – “sylviphilie” Unreleased live track.
14 – AZAGHAL (FIN) – “Saasta” Unreleased.
15 – MYRKVID (FRA) – “la race de fer (chap.2)” Track taken from the forthcoming split CD with Eurynome.
16 – VORKUTA (HUN) – “my flaming soul” Track with a different mix taken from “into the chasm of lunacy” album.
17 – UNTERWALD (FRA) – “appel aux fidèles païens” Track taken from “union païenne” very limited compilation.
18 – SAGN (FRA) “odhal” Track taken from “sur la colline” demo tape.
19 – PAGANBLUT (BUL) – “J. York” Unreleased.
20 – GRETAELL (QUE) – “to valhalla” Unreleased.
21 – ARNSTADT (QUE) – “les cendres d’une existence passée” Unreleased.
22 – LYCANTHROPY’S SPELL (BEL) – “sagatal part 2” Track taken from “sagatal” 7″ep.
23 – AZAGHAL (FIN) – “codex antitheus” Unreleased live track.
24 – EXCRUCIATE 666 (FRA) – “battlehammer of inner war” Track taken from the sold out split 7″ep with Warage.

Great Lusitanian Black Metal compilation. 4 Eur
42.14 min of the best and most pure Lusitanian Black Metal.

Lado A:
CRIPTA OCULTA – O Retorno da Glória do Passado (uma Nova Era)
NORTADA GELADA – A Nova Era Glaciar
BLACK HOWLING – Como os Vermes da Terra
HELLVETE – Ascensão do Passado Imortal
Lado B:
IRAE – Under the Face of Evil and Blackmoon Dementia
MONS VENERIS – O Abismo do meu Ódio Negro
All tracks composed and recorded exclusively for this compilation tape.

“Asiatic Attack – ‘til your ears bleed” Compilation Tape Vol. I (Por – 1998). With the folowing bands: Mortes Saltantes (Jap), Bastardized (Sin), Perish (Indon), Funeral Rites (Jap), Teckocorak (Indon) and Dusk (Pak). 5.50 Eur

“American Attack – ‘til your ears bleed” Compilation Tape Vol. II (Por – 1999). With the folowing bands: SPQR (Can),Obliteration (CR), Twisted Tower Dire (USA), Garden of Shadows (USA), Unholy Death (USA) and Mystical Full Moon (Bra). 5.50 Eur

“Black Eyes Aggression Compilation Tape” (Jap). With 08 Japonese Black Metal bands which are: The Under, Insanity Of Slaughter, Crifotoure Satanarda, Infernal Necromancy, Gorugoth, Hurusoma, Holokaust Winds, Old Serpent. 5.50 Eur

8 songs from 4 Lusitanian Black Metal bands: OMITIR, NARGASH, DEFUNCT and BRUMA OBSCURA
Pro covers and stickers limited to 300 hand numbered copies


English written, 36 pages and Black & White A4 professional-print of 300 copies handnumbered
Hunok (HUN), Marblebog (HUN), Exile (BGR), Gwydion (PT), Epping Forest (PT), Concealment (PT), Balmog (ESP), In Tha Umbra (PT), Mons Lvnae (PT), Omitir(PT), Sombre Labyrinthe (FR), Dark Forest (CAN), Remmirath (SLK) e Slidhr (IRL).
Reviews and articles: The Huno, Marquis de Sade.

Second issue of the Portuguese fanzine ESCRITAS DO SUBSOLO!
Now with deeper interviews, improved layout and bigger reviews section.
48 pages, written in english, pro-printed, limited to 200.
The Stone (SER), Deathrow (ITA), Decayed (POR), Graveyard (SPA), Vorkuta (HUN), Undersave (POR), The Wizard of Doom (SWE), Vérzivatar (HUN), etc…
Articles: Attila, the Hun; H.P. Lovecraft
Reviews to Vinyls, Tapes and CDs.

If the last issue was full of corpses, gloominess and death (metal), this time Kaleidoscope throws itself through forests and Satanic masses to the centre of Black Metal:

Manes, Celestial Bloodshed, Fossbrenna Productions, Drowning The Light, The Ruins Of Beverast, Lönndom, Vassafor, Defuntos, Empire Of Tharaphita, Saturnian Mist
and of course a bunch of reviews and a report about Urfaust/Lugubrum live ritual, all wrapped in 56 black and white A4 pages with hard covers and aesthetic artwork.

”This is the way, step inside” – Joy Division
This time Kaleidoscope takes a side step. No black metal, no death metal, no metal at all. Or maybe something “metallish”, or something. Something very experimental and candid at least. This appendix-like issue gives you four in-depth interviews with Virus (Nor), The Devil’s Blood, Paavoharju and Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat plus special bits and pieces from here and there.
Only 100 copies this time. Four two-sided A3 pages full of words and thoughts, printed on recycled paper and all wrapped hand-made and nicely – the way you like it

SERPENTSCOPE zine presents what we deem the best in death metal. How’s that for a catchphrase?
SERPENTSCOPE zine . 44 A4-pages of death and metal. A collaborative issue between Kaleidoscope and The Serpent Bearer zines. 5 Eur
Includes interviews with Autopsy, Cauldron Black Ram, Daniel Ekeroth, Diocletian, Embrace of Thorns, Grave Miasma, Hooded Menace, Invidious, Portal, Rippikoulu, Sepulchral Aura and Teitanblood. All interviews from 2009.

After the dwellings with The Serpent Bearer, Kaleidoscope stands again on its own feet and takes a glance to a controversial genre – avant-garde black metal has always divided opinions, although the musical field is nowadays wider than ever. Here is one view:
An article “Vanguards of dark art” with ALCEST, HATEFUL ABANDON and …IN THE WOODS
So expect 48 pages of thoughts, musical journeys and artistic freedom.”

Black metal is bound to Satan, but is it bound to a country too?
Nationalistic pride and cultural awareness have found their way to the streams of black metal, and Satanic rites have started to entangle with old myths and legends. Kaleidoscope represents different bands with different cultural backgrounds and tries to find a common ground – among other more traditional interrogations. It means 60 A4 pages and interviews with these bands:



Kaleidoscope #11 is an impulsive burst with two different sides:

Mars and Jupiter. One side for metal, one side for something else.

All interviews from 2012. Everything presented through a simple “rip-and-paste” layout. All this divided to two separate entities.

PART MARS: 32 A4 pages


PART JUPITER: 28 A4 pages


KALEIDOSCOPE Zine # 12 4 Eur

The next issues of Kaleidoscope will be short ones: five bands and five interviews, made in a well-known Kaleidoscope style. This issue – #12 – will be the first one, and others will follow, sooner or later.



24 pages, size A4, black and white, rip-and-paste layout

SERPENTSCOPE Magazine issue 2 4 Eur

For the second time, Serpentscope zine presents what we deem the best in death metal. Like intros on Archgoat records, this catchphrase never gets old.

Serpentscope zine, issue two. Sixteen meticulously laid out tabloid pages. Stories about metal of death and loss of life. Offset printed.

Includes interviews with Abhorrence, Adorior, Antediluvian, Antropomorphia, Burial Invocation, Cruciamentum, Death Strike, Degial, Grippiud, Infinitum Obscure, Lustration, Morbus Chron, Obliteration, Orator, Pustulation, Razor Of Occam, Ruminations, Swallowed, Time Crypt, Unholy Crucifix, The Vein, and Whore.

All interviews from 2011-2012. A collaborative issue between Kaleidoscope and The Serpent Bearer zines.


MANIAC BUTCHER – “Dead but Live”

Finally a collection of videos from this barbaric black metal cult is now available on DVD!!! (NTSC / Region 0)
This DVD was amassed from videos recorded by unknown fans over the years 1992-2001. It has nearly an hour of raw live footage including 16 songs from 5 live concerts plus the professional official video “Co Dobre Pro Mne…”
“Dead but Live” features an easy to navigate menu with 5 titles that include chapters for each song. You must witness the intensity of a Maniac Butcher live onslaught. A must have for true Maniac Butcher fans!!!
DVD Title Listing:
Title 1: Live In Opava, 14.07.00
Všehomír Veškerý / One and Only Universe
Lùza okolní / Wretched rabble, Human Vermin
Pùlnoèní Ríše / Midnight Empire
Barbarians / Barbarians
Šílený Rezník / Maniac Butcher
Title 2: Live In Rotterdam, 27.10.01

Všehomír Veškerý / One and Only Universe
Pùlnoèní Ríše / Midnight Empire
Title 3: Live In Jicin, 23.09.00

Barbarians / Barbarians
Bídná Smrt Neslavná / Poor wretched death
Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost Cover)
Title 4: Co dobre pro mne… (Official Video)

Co dobré pro mne… / What’s good for me…
Title 5: Rare ancient videos 1992-94

Dva tisice let & Nesmrtelna smrt / Twenty Centuries & Immortal Death
Církevní Vrazdy / Church Murders
Stvoreni & Dva tisice let / Creation / Twenty Centuries

Pro CDr/CDr

Pro CDr

DÖG – The Skullection
Pro printed CDr with pro cover and inlay – jewel case 6 eur (inc portes)
DÖG play Ancient Crypt Metal is a project from Vorgrov from MARBLEBOG.
(200 handnumbered copies)

LIFELESS WITHIN – Leave Yourself Black Pro CDr in DVD Box lim. to 150 7 Eur

VELNIAS – Pacing the Cyclic Nether (Slim Case)


BESTIA– Õiglaste tulek
mCDr with sticker and pro covers 200 handnumbered copies jewel case 5 Eur

HRIMTHURS – War Of The Ages Double CDr
Double CDr of this great one man band from Australia.
The double CD-r come with professional booklet (12 pages with lyrics, etc…)…
HRIMTHURS – War of the ages (Self Financed/MDR – 111:41)

Chapter 1 – The Immortal vehement Winter:

1. A new pagan age
2. Sanguinary life code
3. Empty thrones of salvaged embattlement
4. Infernal heathen warfare
5. The immortal vehement winter

Chapter 2 – War of the Ages:

1. The black dawn approaches
2. Times where ancient darkness once stood mighty forgotten
3. A universe in eternal requiem
4. Celestial pathways to a greater hatred
5. War of the ages and the end of all things

OBSCURO – Förintelsen Är Nära, CDr with pro covers and stickers

SADOGOAT – Sadomatic goat cult/nuclear rehearsal 19.10.03

Urt / Bestia – Tagasi Tumedaima saarele (cd-r with sticker, comes in proprinted box like vinyls have)
Pagan Black Metal split, limited to #333 copies.

WEDARD – “Ein Leben in der Ewigkeit” (German Depressive & Melancholic Black Metal!) CDr + A5 B&W Zine with bio, photos, interview, A4 poster…
Re-release of this great full-length from 2006 with a bonus track

Zarach Baal Tharagh – “The Nightmare continues”
Pro printed artwork. Limited to 250 copies

Zarach Baal Tharagh / Vucub Came / Fjällstorm – Split Cdr Jewel case.
Split-CDR 19 tracks (01:07:38 ), French raw black , old school black and raw black. B/w artwork on colour paper.

CDr compilations

Estonian Metal Compilation – The Beast Released 4.50 Eur

Slimcase CDr with sticker. 4 b/w pages, pro printed
On this compilation you will encounter heavy, thrash, death, doom and prog metal. You will hear some wonderful fuzz rock as well as black, extreme and pagan folk metal. Most probably you will love some of the bands featured.

“The Silent Shining Compilation” (Hol) – “The first attack” (Great CDr compilation, coloured booklet with 8 pages…jewel case):

Ophidian (Ita), Dweorgesblod (Ger), Astray (Fin), Ordo Draconis (Hol), Secrets Of The Moon (Ger), Anthropolatri (Ukr), Immemorial (Swe), Moonsorrow (Fin), Iscarioth (Hol), Lost Dreams (Aus), Nebular Mystic (Nor), Temple Of Tiphareth (Ger), The Heads Of Asphodel (UK), Pest (Ger).


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